Web Checkout Integration

Learn how to integrate with Cashfree Payments, and the integration type that best suits your needs.

Cashfree Checkout is Cashfree's hosted checkout page that lets merchants accept payments online

Simplified Checkout: Cashfree Checkout is a pre-built Checkout Page by Cashfree Payments to provide the most optimal payment experience. Accept payments from 120+ payment methods easily, and securely. Your customers are redirected to Cashfree Checkout to complete the Payment.

Secure and PCI Compliant: Cashfree Checkout collects the data and submits to Cashfree servers securely, so, no PCI compliance requirements are required at your end.

Personalised: Customise payment methods, branding, and much more to match the theme of your company.

This is how Cashfree Checkout looks like

Quick Start

The quick start snippet is designed for developers to easily integrate Cashfree Payments' SDK into their web applications. It includes adding the Cashfree SDK script to your webpage, which is essential for initiating the payment process. This snippet is a straightforward way to get started with integrating Cashfree Payments' web checkout page.

Cashfree DevStudio: Build your first integration with just a few clicks without any coding!

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Video Tutorial

Watch this video on how to integrate Cashfree Checkout on your HTML and JS-based website.

Integration Steps

  • Cashfree Payments account created

  • Generated API keys

You can complete the integration in 3 simple steps -

Step 1: Create Order

Step 2: Open Cashfree Checkout

Step 3: Confirm Payment

Other Pages

Best Practices

Go Live Checklist

Trouble Shooting & FAQs


  1. Explore Cashfree DevStudio - Cashfree DevStudio is a Developer Playground to try out various APIs and Cashfree SDKs to collect Payments.
  2. Supported Payment Methods - Cashfree supports 120+ payment methods that offer flexibility to your customers to complete transactions using the payment mode of their choice.

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