Importing Mandates via Dashboard

You will learn how to import mandates via Dashboard.

You can now import mandates from the Subscription Dashboard. Merchants can utilize the CF Format, with a convenient sample file that is available for download from the Subscription Dashboard.

Importing Mandate File Columns Description (Cashfree Format)

Required FieldsDescription
UMRN_NOUMRN number of the mandate (should be 20 characters).
PAYMENT_TYPEImport mandates is applicable only for eNACH. The value for this should be E_MANDATE.
DEBIT_ACCOUNT_NUMBERAccount number of the customer (should be a maximum of 35 characters).
DEBIT_ACCOUNT_HOLDER_NAMEName of the customer (should be maximum of 40 characters).
DEBIT_BANK_IDBank ID. It should be the same as the first 4 characters of the UMRN number (should be same as first 4 characters of the UMRN number).
DEBIT_ACCOUNT_TYPEAccount type. Possible values - SAVINGS or CURRENT.
MAX_AMOUNTMaximum amount of the mandate.
FREQUENCYDebit frequency. Possible values:
BIMN-Every 2 months
QURT-Every 3 months
MIAN-Every 6 months
START_DATEThe date on which the mandate was authorized. (This should ideally be before current date).
END_DATEExpiry date of the mandate (should be a future date).
SUBSCRIPTION_IDA unique ID for the subscription. It can include alphanumeric characters, underscore, dot, hyphen, and space. Maximum characters allowed is 200.
CUSTOMER_EMAILEmail ID of the Customer (should be a valid email address, a maximum of 250 characters are allowed).
CUSTOMER_PHONEPhone number of the customer (should be a valid phone number, with or without +91).

Conditional Fields

Required FieldsDescription
FIXED_AMOUNTThis will be the recurring amount for mandate for the given FREQUENCY. Mandatory filed if FREQUENCY is not ADHO.
FIRST_CHARGE_DATEThe first charge date for mandate after import. Mandatory if FREQUENCY is not ADHO.

Optional Fields

Required FieldsDescription
MAX_CYCLESThe number of charge cycles that is needed before moving the subscription to COMPLETED state.

Importing Mandates via Dashboard

  1. Login and go to Import Mandate section in the Subscriptions Dashboard.
Importing Mandates via Dashboard Step 1

Importing Mandates via Dashboard Step 1

  1. Download the sample file and fill the details of mandates to be imported.
Importing Mandates via Dashboard Step 2

Importing Mandates via Dashboard Step 2

  1. Click on the Upload File option and upload the file.
Importing Mandates via Dashboard Step 3

Importing Mandates via Dashboard Step 3


We reject the files if -

  • If the file format is wrong (only csv is supported), headers are different or all records have invalid data.
  • If some of the records are wrong, we show a popup asking whether mandates can be imported for the valid records or cancel the whole file.
  • We will process the file only if all the records are valid. After the processing is complete - merchant can see the imported subscriptions in ACTIVE state in the subscriptions page.