Change Log - Payouts

June 2024

New Feature: Escrow VA Management
We have introduced a new feature called Escrow VA Management for our escrow merchants that allows them to manage virtual accounts effortlessly such as creating virtual accounts, collecting funds via the virtual account, initiating payouts from the escrow account, interal transfers, and managing virutal account ledgers. Merchants can use this feature using the APIs and through the dashboard.

May 2024

Developer Experience Enhancements
The data to test integration for AmazonPay Wallets has been mocked at Cashfree Payments' end. This reduces dependency on Amazon Pay's servers and enhances the developer experience while performing the UAT.
Dashboard Enhancements
You can now process payouts to phone numbers from the merchant dashboard by adding the phone number information in the beneficiary detail.
Dashboard Enhancements
You can customise the Name Match threshold for payouts to phone number. If the beneficiary's name matches beyond the set threshold by you, payouts will be instantly processed to the beneficiary's UPI handle.
New Feature: Payouts Partnership Model
We have introduced a new feature called Payouts Parternship Model for our merchants that allows them to expand their existing offerings and provide more value to their clients. Merchants can onboard their clients as sub-merchants on the Cashfree Payments platform and then process payouts initiated by these sub-merchants through Cashfree Payments' APIs.

April 2024

Transfer Enhancements
Our new Low Balance Transfer feature allows transfers to remain in a Pending status rather than failing when the Cashfree Wallet is exhausted. You can configure the maximum queuing time, which determines how long transfers will stay in the Pending status. If the wallet is not recharged within this time, the transfers will fail.
Performance Enhancements
We will send automated emails to banks' points of contant to clear the pending transfers on a priority basis and reduce the number of Pending transfers beyond T+3 days.

March 2024

Transfer APIs Enhancements
Our transfer APIs now accept uppercase letters for paument modes such as RTGS, NEFT, IMPS to enhance its flexibility and responsiveness.
Improved Reports
We have added a new report type called Beneficiary Report that merchants can customise the columns before downloading the report. Merchants can use this report to check the benficiary status and collate payment instrument details for any use case.
Dashboard Enhancements
Merchants can now view the enabled payment modes for their account in the dashboard along with the rates configured for the respective mode.
Batch Transfer Enhancements
We have improved the batch transfer approval flow. When merchants approve all the transfers in a batch, the status 'Processing' immediately displays. The status 'Partially Approved' appears when only some of the transfers are approved.
CardPay API Enhancements
As per the new guidelines from card networks, the parameter 'senderName' is a mandatory field for credit card bill payment transactions to ensure accurate sender information. It is a mandatory field for transactions of fifty thousand rupees and above for domestic card transfers.
Develpoper Experience Enhancements
We have generated a new SDK for Node to integrate Payouts API V2.
New Feature Update
We have introduced a new feature that allows merchants to check payout readiness under a newly added tab called 'Revalidation', that displays all invalid beneficiaries. The feature includes a button for bulk selection and validation, and automatic list view updated according to the latest KYC statuses. This tab is visible only for accounts with Amazon Wallet Payouts enabled.

February 2024

Fund Source Enhancements
To manage funds funds for Payouts better, merchants can now re-add the same bank account as a fund source. Also, multiple account IDs can have the same bank account for a merchant.
Dashboard Enhancements
Merchants can now filter beneficiary by status directly from the dashboard under the Beneficiaries tab
Test API Enhancements
Passwords are not a requirement to test Payouts APIs in the sandbox environment.
API Enhancements
Merchants can now create a beneficiary with Amazon Pay Wallet information and initiate payouts to Amazon Pay Wallets using Payouts V2 APIs.
Dashboard Enhancements
Merchants can now download the sample file to add Amazon Wallet as a transfer mode while uploading beneficiaries in batch and while initiating transfers in batch.
Improved Reports
We have added a new report type for pending transfers. The report contains all the pending transfers in the selected date range, including the SLA and due date for completion of the pending transfers. Merchants can find the reports under the Reports tab in the dashboard.

January 2024

Developer Experience Enhancements
We have introduced a new status flag to indicate whether the account has API key enabled. We have also provided an additional guiding message to assist our merchants in contacting their account manager or care@cashfree. com for queries related to enabling APIs.
Developer Experience Enhancements
We have improved the error handling for incorrect usage of API keys in both the environments. The error message indicates that the API key belongs to the non-production environment, which can help our merchants debug issues faster.
API Enhancements
We have improved our APIs to provide more detailed information in the case of an IP mismatch. The response provides the actual IP from where the API was hit and a support link to whitelist the IP address.
New Feature Update
Merchants can initiate payouts usinly only the phone number of the beneficiary. Merchants can test the PayToPhone feature in the dashboard without any integration or registration.
Fund Source Enhancements
Merchants can seamlessly connect their new bank account as the addition of a fund source has been made self-serve for connected bank accounts.
Developer Experience Enhancements
New merchants can now read the Getting Started with Payouts APIs to know the integrations process of Payouts APIs.
Dashboard Experience Enhancements
Clarifications regarding the unavailability of whitelisting the IP address and generating a public key are clearly mentioned in the dashboard.
Security Enhancements
We have successfully completed the rotation of public certification with partner banks including IDFC, HDFC, RBL, SCB, UPI, YES, and DBS to enhance security measures.

June 2023

Transfers Enhancements
We automatically email the bank regarding transfers that are in a pending status for more than 3 days after the transaction.
Dashboard Enhancements
We now inform you of the scheduled and unscheduled downtimes that occur in your connected fund sources. You can now view the downtimes and reduce your queries related to sudden payout failures.
API Enhancements
You can use the internal transfer v1.2 API to transfer funds between your multiple fund sources.
Global Payouts Support
Our API helps you seamlessly initiate global payouts from 100+ countries to India. OPGSP rails for trade related transfers whereas RDA rails for non-trade and trade transfers.

May 2023

Beneficiary Verification Update
PAN, GST, bank account, CIN, and DIN verification of the beneficiary is now in effect for Corporate Credit Card, OPGSP, and RDA transfer requests.
Dashboard Enhancements
You can now view the unscheduled incidents for connected fund sources in the dashboard.

April 2023

Roles Enhancements
You can assign the created aliases as Approver and Initiator roles for direct and batch transfers. Click here to read on assigning your aliases specific roles to help distribute responsibility and ensure accountability concerning transfers.
Service Charge Deductions
We automatically debit the service charges for your bank account transfers every day or week based on your preferences.
Alias Account Enhancements
You can now permit your alias account to access Reports, Fund Sources, and Accounts pages.

March 2023

Dashboard Enhancements
UNO Wallet acts as a fund source for you and is available in the dashboard. The objective is to associate every wallet with one bank for routing purposes. Transfers or recharges happen only from or to that bank account. Cashfree Payments' Co-Lending program allows you to partner with other Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) and expand your pool of borrowers.
Enhanced Get Balance API
You can now view the account balance for the requests you send using the Get Balance API.