Change Log - Payouts

June 2023

Transfers Enhancements
We automatically email the bank regarding transfers that are in a pending status for more than 3 days after the transaction.
Dashboard Enhancements
We now inform you of the scheduled and unscheduled downtimes that occur in your connected fund sources. You can now view the downtimes and reduce your queries related to sudden payout failures.
API Enhancements
You can use the internal transfer v1.2 API to transfer funds between your multiple fund sources.
Global Payouts Support
Our API helps you seamlessly initiate global payouts from 100+ countries to India. OPGSP rails for trade related transfers whereas RDA rails for non-trade and trade transfers.

May 2023

Beneficiary Verification Update
PAN, GST, bank account, CIN, and DIN verification of the beneficiary is now in effect for Corporate Credit Card, OPGSP, and RDA transfer requests.
Dashboard Enhancements
You can now view the unscheduled incidents for connected fund sources in the dashboard.

April 2023

Roles Enhancements
You can assign the created aliases as Approver and Initiator roles for direct and batch transfers. Click here to read on assigning your aliases specific roles to help distribute responsibility and ensure accountability concerning transfers.
Service Charge Deductions
We automatically debit the service charges for your bank account transfers every day or week based on your preferences.
Alias Account Enhancements
You can now permit your alias account to access Reports, Fund Sources, and Accounts pages.

March 2023

Dashboard Enhancements
UNO Wallet acts as a fund source for you and is available in the dashboard. The objective is to associate every wallet with one bank for routing purposes. Transfers or recharges happen only from or to that bank account. Cashfree Payments' Co-Lending program allows you to partner with other Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) and expand your pool of borrowers.
Enhanced Get Balance API
You can now view the account balance for the requests you send using the Get Balance API.