Payment Forms enables you to collect domestic and international payments instantly for the goods/services you provide without the need to integrate with a payment gateway. Personalize the payment form to reflect your brand identity and start selling online.

Payment Form is the easiest way to receive payments for any goods or services you provide to your customers. You can create a personalised payment form that suits your business without any code or payment gateway integration and instantly receive domestic and international payments. You can create an unlimited number of forms, accept payments securely and grow your business.

In the payment forms, you can specify the amount you want to collect, or you also have the option to keep the amount field blank, and customers can enter the amount to make the payment. You can specify the details you want to collect from your customers, like, customer name, phone number, address, or any other specific information that your business requires to identify the payment. These details will help you to reconcile the payments quickly.

After creating the form, share the unique payment form link via SMS, email, WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other social media applications, or embed the URL and receive payments. More than 120 payment modes, including UPI, debit and credit cards, net banking, wallets, etc., are supported.

Customers can choose to pay from a wide range of available payment options. You will receive the amount paid by your customers in your bank account as per the schedule option and after deducting the applicable charges.

Note: You can predefine the amount in the Payment Form or keep it blank. If you do not specify the amount, your customers have the option to make payments of any amount. By default, a maximum of INR 2 Lakhs can be paid using payment forms. Contact your Cashfree Payments Account Manager or write to [email protected] to increase the payment limit.


Create a Payment Form from your Dashboard and share the form link with your customers to start accepting domestic and international payments. If you have a website or an application, you can easily embed the payment form URL and manage payments.


Payment Form Workflow

Use Cases

You can use Payment Forms for any type of payment collection requirements, like, fee collection, sale of products/services, travel and hospitality business, donation collection, EMI or installment collections, and so on.

Fee Collection
Payment Form simplifies the fee collection process for you, parents and students.

  • Tutors, K12 schools, and coaching and education institutes can collect fees in bulk from multiple students by sharing a single payment form link with parents and students. Integrate the form link on the website or app and create a seamless payment experience. The payment form helps to easily reconcile payments.
  • ERP providers can embed payment forms on institute websites to automate fee installments and due collection from parents without taking them through any login flow.
  • TutorTech, MOOCs, Online Learning & Content, TestPrep, Olympiads providers and Educators can collect course and test fees.

Reservation/Booking Payments

  • Travel and Hospitality Businesses can provide Book Now Pay Later payment strategy to their customers and collect the token amount and pending amount at the time of service completion.
  • Companies or agents selling tour packages can collect payments remotely from customers.

Webinars/Events Tickets
When you host an event and want to add a single payment link to your website or want to share it via a social platform, you can create a personalized form and collect your customer details and payments using this payment form.

Accept Donations
NGO's and non-profit organisations can raise money for good causes and collect customer details within the payment form and share receipts for the donations received.

Sell Products and Services Online
With Payment Forms, you can easily take your business online without the need for a website or an application. Create a personalised form, add product and pricing details, and share the payment form link on WhatsApp, Instagram, or any social media applications and collect payments from your customers. Payment form also helps you to easily reconcile all payments received from your customers.

Sample Payment Forms

Use CaseSample Payment Form URL
Collect Fees - Ideal for the educational sector to collect fees from parents and students.
Accept Donations - Ideal for non-profit organisations looking to raise money for a good cause.
Events and Webinar Registrations - Ideal for event or webinar organisers to collect fee from the participants.
Forex collections - Collect international payments
Booking and Payment Reservations - Ideal for hospitality sectors to collect customer details and payments.


  • Create a custom payment form to reflect your brand identity within minutes
  • No coding or website integration required
  • Share a single payment form with multiple customers
  • Track payments and reconcile effortlessly - You can also view details of customers who did not complete the payment after providing their details
  • Customise payment form URLs in line with your brand name