Verification Suite SDK Integration

What is a JavaScript SDK?

SDK stands for software development kit. A JavaScript SDK is a library that a third-party company provides for developers to integrate their services. We developed a JavaScript SDK for you to integrate the Verification Suite features into your application or website.

Why did we build a new JavaScript software development kit (SDK)?

With Verification, Cashfree Payments offers you to verify your customer details such as aadhaar information, PAN, bank accounts, and UPI through our efficient and reliable APIs in real-time.

To bridge the gap, we came up with a tailor-made solution for you that integrates these verification features in your application or website. Our intention is to enhance your best possible verification experience without sacrificing security or speed. With the 1-Click Onboarding SDK, you can use our verification features with minimal development effort as it provides efficiency and bridges our product with your application.

Why Integrate our SDK?

  • Safer Environment
    Our SDK avoids unintentional injections of malware or other malicious code into your website or application.

  • Faster Deployment
    To integrate our SDK is not excessively complicated, rather simple and reasonable with minimal assistance.

  • Smoother User Experience
    Integrating our SDK increases user acceptance and helps them use your website or application with ease.

Once you integrate with our SDK, you can use our APIs within your application or website. You can embed the APIs in your app and make the verification process more convenient for your use. Our new SDK includes individual HTML components that can be easily integrated. With this new solution, you can enjoy a better user interface and enhance their customers' user experience.



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