Migrate Data to Cashfree

Cashfree supports importing of mandate information for a subscription. You can move any historical mandate data to Cashfree and continue the transactions in Cashfree. It will help you use a single interface or a single payment gateway to control all the mandates. It also provides a seamless experience for end customers even if you switch from one gateway to another.

To import the mandates, you must first upload the file with all the details in the NPCI file format or in the Cashfree-specified format. Once the file is uploaded, you can check the status of the import by downloading the mandate file. The file also includes the reason for rejection for cases where Cashfree is unable to import the mandate.

Initiate Porting Process

  1. Contact the Cashfree support team to initiate the porting process.
  2. Nominate Cashfree as the payment processing partner for your Utility Code or your mandates. Our team will walk you through the process required for the same.
  3. Once the above step is completed, share the list of mandates with the partner bank, to ensure their systems are updated accordingly. Our team will walk you through this process as well.
  4. Import the mandates into Cashfree’s system.
  5. Start processing payments through Cashfree.

Import Mandates to Cashfree

The Subscription object of Cashfree determines how the customer has to be charged. The mandates would be the payment method by which the customers are charged.

  1. Create a subscription in Cashfree based on your charge model. You can use the create subscription API or create subscriptions in bulk. Set “Porting” as true during creation.
  2. Attach the mandates to the subscriptions created in step 1. This can be done using the mandate porting API or the mandate porting bulk action.

Points to be noted:
Always complete step 1 and step 2 in Cashfree’s test environment before executing it in the LIVE environment. This will help you avoid any mistakes.