Offer discounts and cashback to attract customers and improve sales when they make payments on your website or apps. You can specify different offers on various payment methods and give your customers the flexibility to pay from the payment method they choose.

When you create the offers, you can:

  • Specify the offer code and offer type (Discount or Cashback)
  • Select the payment methods on which the offers should be applicable
  • Reduce the total amount a customer pays by a percentage or a flat amount
  • Specify the maximum number of transactions allowed per payment method
  • Define the offer validity period
  • View a consolidated report for each offer you created

Offers will automatically be applicable for businesses using Cashfree Payments hosted checkout pages and plugins, and no additional integration effort is required. You can create Offers using our Payment Gateway Dashboard.

Create Offers

To create an offer,

  1. Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard > Offers > Create New Offer.

Create New Offer

  1. Specify the offer details. Enter a title for the offer that the customers can relate to, an offer code, and an offer description. These details will be visible to customers on your checkout page or plugin when they make the payment.

Offer Details

  1. Specify the offer's start and end details and the terms and conditions. You can link your business's terms and conditions or add a short description.

Offer Timelines and Terms

  1. Select the offer category that applies to your business. You can provide discounts, cashback or both to your customers.
  2. Select the discount type. You can provide discounts at a flat rate or in percentage. Specify the maximum discount amount or discount percentage for the selected discount type.

Offer Type - Flat Discount


Offer Type - Discount Percentage

  1. Select the payment modes for which the offers apply. You can select all or specific payment modes. Additionally, you can specify the banks and the card types to which the offers are relevant and click Create.

The offer is active and available in the Offers section. You can activate/deactivate the offer at any time.



Offers Shown to Customers

When customers initiate a payment, all the available offers are listed on your checkout page, as shown below. Offer details like description and code will be visible to the consumers, so ensure you explain your offer context to the customers using these fields.


Checkout - Offers Shown

Customers select the offer and make the payment. The reduced amount is shown on the checkout page. The customer proceeds and makes the final payment.


Checkout - Offer Applied


Checkout - Offer Applied


Cashback will not be honoured by Cashfree Payments. Ensure that you have an agreement with your service provider before creating an offer.