Manage Subscriptions and Payments

In this article, you will learn how to manage your subscriptions and payments.

Once a subscription is created you can update, raise payments, reactivate, or cancel the subscriptions from the product dashboard or via APIs.

In this section:

  • Raise Payments - Raise payments for your subscriptions manually from the Subscription dashboard or via the Charge Subscription API.
  • Batch Amount Update - Update subscription amount for multiple subscriptions at once and view the file details.
  • Cancel Subscription - Cancel the subscription anytime from the Subscription Dashboard or via the Cancel Subscription API.
  • Cancel Payments - Cancel an existing payment raised to your customer from the Subscription Dashboard or via the Cancel Charge API.
  • Reactivate Subscriptions - Reactivate a subscription that is On-hold.
  • View Payment Mode - View the payment mode used for a particular subscription.

Update Recurring Amount:

Update the recurring amount for existing subscriptions via the Update Amount API. The new amount must be equal to or less than the maximum amount that you can charge your customer.

Retry Payments:

Retry a failed payment via the Retry Payment API. You can retry the last failed payment for a subscription that is in the ONHOLD state. The retry will happen on the scheduleOn date and only one retry attempt is allowed per day. We allow only 3 retry attempts for a failed transaction.