Vendor Onboarding

Learn about the vendor onboarding flow and the document status workflow.

When you onboard a vendor from the dashboard or use our APIs, they go through various states. They are explained in the section below.

Vendor Status Workflow

The various vendor status during the onboarding process is mentioned in the table below.

Vendor StatusDescription
IN_BENE_CREATIONThis state indicates that you have initiated the vendor creation process.
BENE_CREATION_FAILEDThis state indicates that the beneficiary creation at the partner bank has failed. Update bank account details to retry new beneficiary creation.
IN_KYC_REVIEWThis state indicates that the vendor is created and not all the mandatory KYC documents are successfully verified. Ensure all mandatory documents are submitted.
ACTION_REQUIREDThis state indicates that either one or multiple KYC documents has failed verification. Merchant should provide - correct/updated/relevant KYC documents to progress further with vendor onboarding.
ACTIVEThis state indicates that the vendor KYC documents are verified successfully and your vendor is Active.
BLOCKEDThis state indicates that the vendor is blocked.
DELETEDThis state indicates that the vendor is deleted.

The image below shows the vendor onboarding flow -

Vendor Onboarding Workflow

Vendor Onboarding Workflow

Document Status Workflow

The various states a document goes through during the verification process is mentioned in the table below -

Document StatusDescription
Due CurrentlyAll the documents in this state are pending mandatory documents. These documents are to be submitted to onboard a vendor.
Due EventuallyThese are additional documents that needs to be submitted basis different limits. If a vendor is going to breach certain limits in future, it is recommended to share these documents along with other documents in "Due currently" category. This will ensure that the vendor state will not be impacted due to limit breaches.
Example: GST will be mandatory if sum of vendor settlement to single PAN/merchant across vendors will exceed 20 lakhs in last twelve months
In ReviewThis state indicates that the KYC documents are submitted and under review. Once the verification process is completed, the documents status will change to "Verified" or "Action Required".
VerifiedThis state indicates that the KYC document submitted is verified successfully.
Action RequiredThis state indicates that the KYC document verification has failed and you are required to take corrective action (upload correct or fresh document).

The image below shows the document status workflow.

Document Status Workflow

Document Status Workflow

KYC Document Requirement

Before you begin adding vendors, you must know the documents that are required based on the merchant type and vendor type. Please find below the required document basis limit.

Document RequirementLimitAlternatives
PANRequired for all limitGSTIN
GSTIN> 20 LakhsNA

List of Vendor Line of Business (LOB)

Vendor LOB
Vendor LOB
Digital Goods
Financial Services
Food and Beverages
Health care
NBFCs/Organizations into Lending
Mutual funds/Broking
Non Profit/NGO
Online Gaming
Open and Semi Open Wallet
Pan shop
Real Estate, Housing, Rentals
Retail and Shopping
Social Media and Entertainment
Travel and Hospitality
Chit Funds
Web host/Domain seller
Professional Services (Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, CAs, and other Professionals)

Vendor LOB Specific Documents


If vendor type is NBFC, then there are additional documents required -

  • CIN
  • NBFC and LSP Agreement
  • NBFC Certificate
  • NBFC domain confirmation email on Cashfree partnership