Fund Sources

A fund source is an account through which you can initiate payouts to your customers. Cashfree Payments Payouts account now supports adding multiple fund sources, i.e., your bank accounts and corporate credit cards to help you make payouts directly to your beneficiary accounts. This feature allows you to add and manage multiple fund sources with just a few clicks from the dashboard.

By default, when you signup for Payouts, Cashfree Payments creates a Wallet which is a virtual account, to help you initiate instant payouts.

You can define and control the percentage of payouts between multiple fund sources and route the transactions efficiently. You can also determine the fund source for each transfer while initiating the payout.

Cashfree Payouts supports payments to your beneficiaries through Cashfree Wallet, Bank Account, and Corporate Credit Card.


  • Dedicated Virtual Account by Cashfree - Cashfree Wallet, a dedicated virtual account to help you with payouts instantly. Add funds to the wallet and initiate payouts to your beneficiaries/customers. With Cashfree Wallet, you have the flexibility to add funds instantly, get notified when the balance goes below the limit specified by you, and also withdraw the funds. You can withdraw funds from your Recharge Account when you need them in your registered business bank account to make payments.

  • Smarter and connected banking experience for your business - ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, IndusInd Bank, Kotak are currently available to make payouts directly from your current account. Connect your bank accounts with Cashfree Payments via the dashboard in just a few clicks.

  • Corporate Credit Card - Add Corporate Credit Card as a fund source, recharge & make payout. You can connect multiple corporate credit cards to the same payout account to disburse funds.

  • Manage transfers between fund sources - You can now control the percentage of payouts between different fund sources and route the transactions efficiently.


Yes Bank as a fund source

Yes Bank as a fund source is restricted to businesses registered as Private Limited or Partnership Limited. Note that any Public Limited business type does not have the option to select Yes Bank as a fund source.