Add Payment Aggregators/Gateways

This section details the steps to add various payment aggregators/gateways to flowWise and steps to follow for a successful integartion.

Once you have a Cashfree account and have set up your integration with Cashfree Payments, the next step in using flowWise is adding additional payment partners and connecting them to flowWise.

To provide a comprehensive stack of payment routing options, flowWise supports a host of payment gateways and aggregators.

There are two major payment providers we support:

1. Payment Aggregators

These are PSPs that are connected to multiple banks and gateways and provide a wide variety of payment options, like cards, UPI, netbanking, wallets and EMI/BNPL options.

Supported PAs on flowWise:

  1. PayTm
  2. PayU
  3. Cashfree
  4. Razorpay S2S
  5. Razorpay Quick
  6. Techprocess/Ingenico
  7. Phonepe s2s
  8. Phonepe Quick
  9. Easebuzz
  10. CC Avenue
  11. Plural (PineLabs)
  12. Atom (NTT Data)
  13. Stripe (International Card Payments)

2. Bank Gateways

  1. Lyra ICICI (cards)
  2. HDFC (UPI)

NOTE: To use another payment partner via flowWise, you need to have an active and enabled account with them. flowWise acts as a technical service provider (TSP) and does not participate in your business relationship with other payment partners.

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