Getting Onboarded & Listed on BBPS

Learn how to get onboarded on BBPS with the help of Cashfree and NPCI

There are three steps involved to start collecting bill payments using BBPS Biller -

Step 1 - Contact our BBPS Product Champion on [email protected] and close on the commercials.

Step 2 - You will be asked for minimal documentation as required by NPCI and some configuration details. This will vary a little as per your BBPS Category.

Step 3 - You need to select one of the 2 ways to onboard:

  1. API Integration - Here you will need to create 2 APIs at your end for a complete automated flow. You will get a detailed API approach documentation on how to create these APIs. Here the bill fetch & payment update would be automated.
  2. No Code Integration - You need to inform us about a few parameters and configurations as per your usecase. Here the Bill upload would happen through csv upload and the payments would need to be consumed through dashboard reports.

Based on the method chosen, our team will make appropriate integration in test environment.

Step 4 Post Configuration, the documentation along with technical details will be sent to NPCI. NPCI takes 1-2 weeks to give a sign-off if everything is correct.

Step 5 - NPCI would give a go-ahead and configure the production routing so transactions can be initiated. Biller would be live on BHIM initially and within 1 week would appear on GPay. Post that it would appear on PhonePe and other apps in 2 weeks.

Step 6 Now your customers can use any application to view their latest bill and you can use Cashfree Dashboard to see realtime reporting of transactions coming through BBPS.