Dispute Types

Learn in detail about the various types of disputes in Cashfree Payments.

Types of Disputes in Cashfree Payments

Chargeback StatesDescriptionRepresentation TimeResolution Time
DisputeEnd-customer complaints, fraudulent or suspicious transactions reported by law enforcement authorities and banks are raised as disputes.3 calendar days

In some special cases, real-time fraudulent transaction disputes take 1 day.
Disputes will typically take 5-7 business days in case of end-customer complaints. Fraud & suspicious transaction disputes may take months to get resolved since funds are held by banks in some cases.
Wallet and Netbanking disputes typically take around 30 days to reach a resolution.
RetrievalThese are soft chargebacks that occur even before we receive an actual chargeback. They are raised when your customer raises a query with their issuing bank on the transaction.3 calendar daysIf the retrieval is contested, there is a waiting period of 30-45 days for the customer to raise further Chargeback. If the retrieval is accepted it will take around 10 days.
ChargebackIf the customer feels the services were not delivered, or if they have any issue with the transaction, they can raise a Chargeback after the retrieval request. 3 calendar daysIf the dispute is contested, the Chargeback typically takes 30-45 days and there is a waiting period for the customer to raise further pre-arbitration depending on the network. UPI cases typically take 15-20 days.
Pre-arbitrationThe second level of chargeback. Your customer has a limited period of time within which they should revert back on whether they are further disputing the transaction. If your customers are satisfied with the proofs/evidence submitted by you on the first level the dispute is closed, else we receive a pre-arbitration request.2 calendar daysIf the dispute is contested, Pre-arbitration typically takes 30-45 days. There is a waiting period for customers to raise further Arbitration depending on the network. UPI cases typically take 15-20 days.
ArbitrationThe final stage of the chargeback. Both parties submit their documents and the card networks or NPCI takes the final decision on the dispute depending on the payment mode.

If the chargeback reaches this stage, it can become costly for you as there is a hefty fee involved for the losing party. This stage can also take a long time to arrive at a conclusion.
1 calendar dayIt takes around 15 days for the final verdict for both UPI and cards.

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