Create UPI Payment Links

Create and share UPI payment links with your customers to accept payments via UPI applications. To create a UPI payment link you need first add your product and customer details. You can share the payment link via SMS, email, Whatsapp or any other platform. To make payments, customers must click the URL that you have sent, and a list of UPI apps installed on their mobile will be displayed. Customers can select any UPI app and complete the payment. A maximum amount of rupees 1 Lakh can be collected using the UPI payment link.

To create a UPI payment link,

  1. Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard > Payment Links > click Create Payment Link.
  2. Select the option Create UPI Link.
  3. In the Payment For field explain what the customer is making the payment for. Keep this text short and clear. This information is important for customers to understand the purpose of payment. Partial payments are not allowed for the UPI payment method.
  4. Set the Link Expiry limit.
  5. Enter the customer details (phone number and email ID) to send the payment link.
  6. Select the option Send Auto Reminders to send payment reminders automatically to your customers.
  7. Enable Send Auto Reminders option to notify your customers about the payment. Click here to know more.
  8. You can add the Link ID and additional description for your reference. This will not be visible to your customers.


API Integration

You can also use our API to create payment links. Click here to know more.

UPI Payment Experience for Your Customers

The video below shows how UPI Payment Link works when your customers click the link and try to make a payment using an UPI app installed on their phone.


UPI Payment Experience