Add Single Vendor

Learn how to add a vendor from the merchant dashboard.

Before you begin to add a vendor, you must know the required documents that are applicable to different vendor types and business cateogory. They are mentioned in the tables below.

To add a new vendor,

  1. Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard > Easy Split - Vendor > Add New Vendor.

  2. Enter the Vendor ID, Phone Number, Email ID. Vendor ID is required to identify and process payments to the respective vendor. Select the schedule option through which you want to settle your vendors.

Available Schedule Options:

  • T+1 settlement at 11:00 AM
  • T+2 settlement at 11:00 AM
  • All transactions from 4:30 PM T-1 to 10:30 AM T+0 settled at 11AM T+0, and, 10:30 AM T+0 to 4:30PM T+0 at 5:00PM T+0
  • All transactions from 2:00 PM T-1 to 2:00 PM T+0 settled at 3PM T+0
  • Instant settlements every hour
  • Instant settlements every three hour
  • Instant Settlement every hour 24*7
  1. Select the Enable Dashboard Access option to allow your vendors to access the Vendor Dashboard. Click here to read more on Vendor Dashboard.
Add Vendor - Step 1

Add Vendor - Step 1

  1. Enter the vendor's bank details like Account Holder Name, Account Number, IFSC Code or UPI VPA to process payments to the vendor account.


You can provide either the vendor bank or UPI details, both cannot be passed.

  1. Select the option Verify Account Details to verify the beneficiary bank account details or the UPI VPA. This ensures that the correct details are available and will help make successful settlements for the vendor.


You will be charged to verify bank accounts and to verify UPI VPA details. Make sure you have sufficient balance, or proceed without account verification.

Add Vendor - Step 2

Add Vendor - Step 2

  1. Provide the vendor KYC details. Select the vendor type - Business or Individual. Select Individual type if your vendor's annual turnover is 20 lakhs or lesser. Select Business Entity if your vendor's annual turnover is more than 20 lakhs.
  2. Select the Business Type from the drop-down list. Provide your vendor's Business PAN and upload the same. You will be required to provide other details of your vendors based on the vendor type.

Possible documents to upload if vendor type is Individual

  • PAN
  • Address Proof (Aadhaar, Driving License, Voter ID, Passport)
  • Aadhaar Number
  • NBFC Certificate

Possible documents to upload if vendor type is Business Entity

  • Business PAN
  • GST Number
  • GST Certificate
  • CIN Number
  • CIN Certificate
  • NBFC Certificate

Click here to know the documents required for onboarding your vendor.

Add Vendor - Step 3

Add Vendor - Step 3

  1. Once done, click on Add Vendor Details. The vendor is added successfully. Vendor details are saved and can be used to process payments. The vendor details will be shown in the Easy Split - Vendor screen.
Vendor added successfully

Vendor added successfully

Vendor Status

Once you have added a vendor, it will go through various stages. They are mentioned in the table below.

Vendor StatusDescription
In Bene CreationThis status indicates that the beneficiary creation is in process. During this process, we will add beneficiary accounts through our banking partner to process future transfers.
Documents Not SharedThis status indicates that you have submitted the KYC details without documents. Cashfree Payments marks the status as Documents Not Shared.
In ReviewThis status indicates that your documents are under review.
ActiveThis status indicates that the vendor account is active.
On HoldThe On-hold status is updated by the Cashfree Payments team. The onboarding team has put the account On-hold because either the document is not available or the documents shared are insufficient.
DeletedThis account indicates that your vendor account is deleted.
BlockedThis status indicates that your vendor account is blocked. You can later unblock if you intend to resume the vendor settlements.

Watch this video to learn how to add vendors via the merchant dashboard.