Add Single Vendor

To add a new vendor,

  1. Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard > Easy Split - Vendor > Add New Vendor.

  2. Enter the Vendor ID, Phone Number, Email ID and click Next. Vendor ID is required to identify and process payments to the respective vendor.


Add Vendor - Step 1

  1. Enter the vendor's bank details like Account Holder Name, Account Number, IFSC Code or UPI VPA to process payments to the vendor account.


You can provide either the vendor bank or UPI details, both cannot be passed.

  1. Select the option Verify Account Details to verify the beneficiary bank account details or the UPI VPA. This ensures that the correct details are available and will help make successful settlements for the vendor.


You will be charged to verify bank accounts and to verify UPI VPA details. Make sure you have sufficient balance, or proceed without account verification.

  1. Select the Settlement Cycle for the vendor. The default settlement available for vendor payouts is T+2, please reach out to your AM or Cashfree support to enable a different settlement cycle for your vendors.

Add Vendor - Step 2

  1. Click Add Vendor. The vendor is added successfully. Vendor details are saved and can be used to process payments. The vendor details will be shown in the Easy Split - Vendor screen.

Vendor added successfully

Watch this video to learn how to add vendors via merchant dashboard