Payment Gateway FAQs

Find the frequently asked questions on Cashfree Payment Gateway.

  1. What payment modes are supported by Cashfree Payments?

Cashfree Payment Gateway supports an exhaustive set of 150+ payment modes which is among the widest in the industry.

Cards: All major card networks namely RuPay, VISA, MasterCard, Amex, DinersClub and Maestro.

Net Banking: Integrations with 90+ public and private banks in India.

UPI: 20+ UPI apps including PhonePe, Paytm, Google Pay, BHIM and Amazon Pay.

BNPL: 35+ Card and Cardless EMI providers and Pay Later partners Wallet: 9 Digital and Mobile Wallets including Paytm, Amazon Pay, Freecharge and MobiKwik.

  1. What are the types of integrations and platforms that Cashfree Payments supports?

Cashfree Payments supports a wide variety of integrations that enable different types of businesses leveraging different platforms to accept payments seamlessly. We support easy web and mobile integrations via RESTful APIs and mobile SDKs (Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter, Cordova, Xamarin, and Capacitor).

We also support integrations on businesses leveraging website platforms and partners via plugins such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, WHMCS, CS Cart, OpenCart, Wordpress, Zoho Books, and Wix.

  1. What are the payment gateway charges?

Our charges for payments processing are simple and user-friendly - 1.95% for all card, UPI, netbanking, and digital wallet transactions. For some payment modes (EMIs, Pay Later, and international cards), the charges differ.

  1. What are the documents required for setting up an account with Cashfree PG?

Once you sign-up, to activate your payment gateway merchant account, you need to share business details along with scanned copies of the following business documents. Please refer to the list of documents.

  1. How do I add or remove payment methods from checkout?

On the Cashfree Payments dashboard, click on Settings -> Payment Gateway -> Payment methods to see which methods have been enabled for your account and which ones are still available. You can raise a request from that page to activate or deactivate a payment mode, as is required.

  1. Are there any specific businesses that Cashfree Payments does not support?

As a payments company we strive to cater to all businesses. However, there are some services and goods, for which we don't provide our payment gateway services. Here is the list of restricted businesses.

  1. Do you support card tokenisation?

Yes. We have our own RBI compliant card tokenization solution called Token Vault. Token Vault is India's first interoperable card tokenization solution that helps you process your customer's saved card payments across mutliple card networks and payment gateways.

  1. Do you support instant refunds?

Yes. To help merchants delight customers with instant refund processing on their orders, we do provide the most advanced Instant Refunds offering. Learn more about instant refunds here.

  1. How to handle disputes?

A dispute is a situation in which there is a disagreement for a particular transaction that is initiated by your customer with the issuing bank or with Cashfree Payments directly. Learn more about disputes here.

  1. What is an order expiry time?

Order expiry time in a payment gateway refers to the maximum duration during which an order or transaction can remain open and valid for payment processing. When your customer initiates a payment, the payment gateway sets an order expiry time, this specifies how much time the customer has to complete that transaction. You can set the order expiry based on the number of days or configure a time period post which the order expires.

Default Order Expiry Value for days - 30 days
Maximum Order Expiry Value you can set based on days - 30 days
Minimum Order Expiry Value you can set based on days - 1 day

Maximum Order Expiry Value you can set based on time - 24 hours
Minimum Order Expiry Value you can set based on time - 5 minutes

  1. What is transaction completion time?

Using the transaction complete time option, you can configure the time period within which the transaction should be completed.

Default transaction completion time - 24 hours
Maximum transaction completion time you can set - 24 hours
Minimum transaction completion time you can set - 10 minutes

  1. If there is any downtime on a specific payment do I have any option to disable the respective payment method to avoid business impact?

Enabling and disabling payment option can be done by contacting your respective Account Managers. Are the Webhooks & API parameter response list are static or dynamic?

  1. What Is x-request-id and is that mandatory for all my API calls?

x-request-id is a custom HTTP header that is used to identify API requests. The inclusion of x-request-id is not mandatory for all API calls, however it's absence might impact troubleshooting and debugging processes.

  1. Are the Webhooks & API parameter response list are static or dynamic?

Webhooks and API response change based on versioning. For one particular version, the response will always remain same.

  1. What are the supported browsers?

We support the following desktop browser versions:

  • Chrome 38+
  • Safari 10.1+
  • Firefox 29+
  • Edge 15+
  • Opera 25+

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