BBPS Biller - Dashboard Actions

Learn in detail about how you can leverage Cashfree's BBPS Biller Dashboard to know about the bills, transactions and access to detailed reports.

Once you have been onboarded to BBPS, you can login to your Cashfree Dashboard and you will be able to see BBPS-Biller tile under the Products Activated section. Click on access to enter.

Through Dashboard, you will see the following tabs on left navigation bar:

  • Summary - Get a summarised analytical view of your bills and payments received through BBPS
  • Transactions - View all the transactions received through BBPS. Search & Filter as per your usecase.
  • No-Code Bills - Upload bills in bulk through CSV and view status of bills.
  • Settlements - View all the settlements of payments from BBPS.
  • Reports - Download reports in spreadsheet format for a wide date range.

Click on the individual links to deep dive into each of these pages and their functionalities.