Sample integration flows:

  • Standard transfer: Send money to a beneficiary instantly via our API over a wide variety of payment methods.
  • Batch transfer: When you need to process transfers in bulk, you can use the batch transfer integration flow.

Integrate with our webhooks to ensure that you get all status updates instantly. You can use test credentials to ensure that the integration works correctly. When you are ready to go live, follow the steps given in our Go-live checklist.

API Keys

To view or generate the API Keys,

  1. Go to Payouts Dashboard> in the left navigation bar select Developers.
  2. In the API Keys screen, click Generate API Keys to generate a new pair of keys. If you have already generated, you can view the API key details on the same screen.

Click the reset icon to reset the API keys. Transactions that are using the current Secret Key will fail after you reset it.


Only one pair of API keys can be generated. Do not share the API key details in any public domain.