Risk Shield

Our objective is to provide a safer business environment for you by mitigating risks that involve fraudulent transactions and chargebacks. With Risk Shield, you can prevent financial losses because of frauds.

Why opt for Risk Shield?

  • Reduce Fraud

We help you detect and prevent fraudulent transactions with our advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Risk Shield monitors your transactions in real-time to reduce financial losses and lower your exposure to fraud-related risks.

  • Preserve Reputation

Enhance customer trust and safeguard your reputation by protecting against fraud. Opting for our Risk Shield not only prevents fraudulent activities but also fosters a positive relationship with your customers.

  • Improve Transaction Experience

We accurately distinguish between the legitimate and fraudulent transactions. We help you provide a smoother and a more seamless transactions experience for your customers.

  • Prevent Legal Liabilities

Minimise the risk of litigation by implementing our Risk Shield. With our strenuous effort to prevent fraudulent transactions, you can reduce the chances of legal disputes and safeguard your business from legal challenges.

  • Minimise Debit Freeze

A bank account debit freeze refers to a temporary restriction placed on the ability to process card transactions. You can prevent this by implementing our preventive measure aimed at protecting you and your customers from risks associated with transactions.