Change Log - Easy Split

July 2023

Split Tags
You can pass tags as additional information specific to vendor entities. Specific tags will be relayed to your vendors and can be used during refunds. Read more here.

March 2023

Vendor KYC
To improve the current vendor onboarding process and to comply with PA-PG, and digital lending norms we have included the vendor KYC collection for both individual vendor accounts and business accounts. By including KYC details during onboarding, you will have a surety to continue business as usual with Cashfree Payments. Read more here.

February 2023

Vendor Dashboard
The vendor dashboard feature allows vendors to have independent access to a dashboard with complete recon view of transactions and settlements. They can track customer-level recon of their transaction to identify and update the expected payments. Additionally, vendors can download reports without being dependent on you. Read more here.