In this article, you will learn how to view blocked transactions.

To provide a safer environment for you, we scan and intercept transactions that may lead to a potential loss of money because of fraudulent activities. We block the fraudulent transactions. You can view the blocked transactions in the Overview page.

View Blocked Transactions

You can view the transactions that we prevent or restrict from being processed. Follow the instructions below to view the blocked transactions:

  1. Log in to the Payment Gateway dashboard using your credentials.
  2. Click Riskshield > Overview from the navigation pane on the left.
  3. Last 7 Days - Use the dropdown menu to select the time period of the blocked transactions that you wish to view. You can select Custom Data Range to select a custom date range.
  4. You can view the following data in the form of cards:
    • Transactions Scanned - It displays the number of transactions scanned.
    • Risky Transactions Blocked - It displays the number of transactions.
    • Amount Protected - It displays the amount protected because of blocking the transactions.
  5. You can view the following information of a blocked transactions:
    • Date & Time - It displays the date and time of the transactions.
    • Order ID - It displays the unique identifier of the order.
    • Order Amount - It displays the amount of the order.
    • Transaction ID - It displays the unique identifier of the transaction.
    • Payment Mode - It displays the mode of payment used for the transaction.
    • Status - It displays the status of the transaction.
    • Block Reason - It displays the reason for blocking the transactions.

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