Dispute States

Learn in detail about the various dispute states in Cashfree Payments.

Once a dispute is created, there are multiple stages involved in Cashree Payments until a resolution is reached. The status of the dispute will change according to the decisions taken by the parties involved. They are mentioned in the table below.

Dispute StatesDescription
Action RequiredThis status indicates that the dispute is created and action needs to be taken from your end.

Actions such as accepting the dispute, contesting the dispute, or re-uploading the documents due to insufficient evidence are part of the action required status.
Under ReviewThis status indicates that you have submitted the documents and Cashfree Payments has forwarded your documents to the concerned authorities who take the final decision.
Closed (Merchant Won)This status indicates that the authorities/customer accepts the documents and you win the dispute. The dispute is closed after this.
Closed (Merchant Lost)This status indicates that the proofs submitted are rejected by the concerned authorities/customer and you have lost the dispute.
Closed (Merchant Accepted)This status indicates that you have accepted the dispute and your customer will automatically be refunded the amount from your balance.


Your customer can raise a pre-arbitration or an arbitration even for a dispute that is Closed (Merchant Won).

Dispute States Workflow

The image below depicts the dispute status.

Dispute Status

Dispute Status


If you do not respond to a dispute within the deadline, you will lose the dispute and the amount is refunded to the customer.

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