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With Cashfree Payments, you can now make payouts, manage international payments, and much more - with a powerful, scalable payments platform, tailor-made for your business payment needs.

πŸ’‘ What Cashfree Payments Offers

βœ… One platform for all your payment and banking needs: Cashfree Payments is expertly designed to cater to the distinct payment requirements of your business. Whether you're looking to effortlessly gather payments or facilitate prompt on-demand payouts, Cashfree Payments is your all-in-one solution.

βœ… Collect Payments: "With Cashfree Payments, seamlessly accept online payments through your website or app across various channels. Unlock a host of advanced features designed to streamline and enhance your payment processes, making transactions both simple and efficient."

βœ… Recurring Payments: Automate recurring payments and provide subscription plans that enable you to auto-charge future payments, whether they are periodic or on-demand. All of this is achieved with the convenience of one-time authentication."

βœ… Make Payouts: Effortlessly handle a variety of financial transactions, from paying vendors and issuing customer refunds to disbursing employee salaries and more, using Cashfree Payments' robust APIs. Transfer funds to any bank account, UPI ID, or Amazon wallet instantly, even on bank holidays.

βœ… Verify Identity: Enhance your Know Your Customer (KYC) processes with the automation of bank account verification, Aadhaar and PAN verification, and other crucial checks. Streamline the e-KYC and verification procedures to ensure compliance before initiating payouts, all through Cashfree Payments.

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Cashfree Payments Collection Suite

Products & Description
Payment Gateway - Seamlessly collect payments on your website or application using our robust Payment Gateway.
Payment Links - Collect payments effortlessly by sharing payment links. No need for a website or application.
Payment Forms - Create personalized payment forms and gather payments instantly.
softPOS - Turn any mobile device into a POS machine and collect payments on the go.
Easy Split - Collect payments, deduct commissions, and split payments to vendors, partners, and your bank accounts with ease.
Auto Collect - Streamline business payments with virtual accounts and automate reconciliation.
Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) - Offer your customers a wide range of flexible, convenient payment modes.
UPI QR Code - Create unique printable UPI QR codes at zero maintenance cost.

Make Payouts

Product & Description
Payouts - Streamline vendor payments and customer refunds, anytime, anywhere! Effortlessly manage vendor payments, provide instant customer refunds, disburse loans, and more – even on holidays.
Cashgram - Elevate user experience with Payout links: swiftly send funds without the hassle of collecting recipient bank account details, ensuring faster payments.

Verify Identity

Product & Description
Verification Suite - Integrate Cashfree Payments comprehensive KYC Verification Suite into your solution for real-time user and partner Identity verification. Seamlessly authenticate your users or partners during onboarding, ensuring secure transactions and efficient payouts and refunds.

Cross Border Payments

Product & Description
Global Collections - Receive global transactions to boost your business. Our robust payment infrastructure empowers individuals and businesses in India to effortlessly accept international payments in over 30 currencies.
Global Payouts - Simplify, expedite, and economize your payments to Indian sellers, service providers, and freelancers by sending funds directly to their local bank accounts.

Recurring Payments

Product & Description
Subscriptions- Effortlessly gather recurring payments with our cutting-edge recurring payments solution and boost customer retention by improving success rates in mandate creation and auto-debit.

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