In this article, you will find the steps to add BillDesk as the payment aggregator to flowWise.

Add BillDesk

Follow the instructions below to add BillDesk as one of the payment aggregator to flowWise:

  1. Once you decide that you want to add BillDesk, we will initiate a new merchant onboarding request with BillDesk that you will use flowWise.

  2. From your end, you must enable the APIs that we use for BillDesk integration. Find the LIVE API details below:

    API NameEndpointPayment Modes
    Create Transaction (One time/SI)
    Retrieve Transaction
  1. Write to your BillDesk relationship manager that you use flowWise as the technology company to handle sensitive card data and with the following requests:
    • Enable seamless/S2S mode for your account.
    • Enable cards, UPI, wallet, and net banking methods.
    • Configure the common BillDesk certificate used by flowWise merchants.
    • Configure the following webhooks:
      Production URL
  2. Enable the following if you intend to use UPI as a payment method:
    UPI Intent
    UPI Collect
  3. Whitelist the following IPs to make the API calls (Initiate Transaction, Authorization API call, Verify Transaction, Refund Initiation, Verify Refund). Share the below IPs with BillDesk for whitelisting.