1. Get the SDK

The Flutter SDK is hosted on https://pub.dev/ you can get the sdk here.
The example app is located here.


Our Flutter SDK supports Android SDK version 19 and above and iOS minimum deployment target of 11 and above


Open your project's pubspec.yaml and add the following under dependencies:

flutter_cashfree_pg_sdk: ^2.1.2+32


Add this to your application's info.plist file


Migrating from 0.. to 2.0.0

Replace "paytm" with "paytmmp"


Package Whitelisting

The newest versions of our Flutter SDK(2.0.0 and newer) will require your app package/bundle to be whitelisted in cashfree's system to use the SDK Checkout. Whitelisting request can be made from Developers>Whitelisting

You can check step-by-step process of making whitelisting request here.



Please ensure you enter correct package for the whitelisting.
Package name example -
com.cashfree.merchant (correct)