Learn in detail about the various vendor reports, and how to generate a report.

The reports section in the Vendor Dashboard allows vendors to view the vendor recon and settlement-specific report. The report section has details such as report name, report size, the report generated time, and generate a new report.

Select the date range from the drop-down menu. Use the Search & Filter option to view specific reports. The reports will be generated based on these selections. Vendors can configure two types of report filters:

  • Vendor Reconciliation - vendors can view the reconciliation details of all vendors.
  • Settlement Specific - vendors can view the reconciliation details that are specific to a settlement by specifying the settlement ID.

Vendor Reports Homepage

To generate a new report,

  1. Go to Vendor Dashboard > Reports.
  2. In the Reports homepage, select the Generate New Report option.
  3. Choose the Report Type and the Date Range. Provide a Report Name and select the File Format. Supported file formats are CSV and XLS.
  4. If you are generating a settlement-specific report, provide the settlement ID.
  5. Click Generate Report. The report is successfully generated and can be downloaded from the Report homepage.

Generate New Report

You can delete a report by selecting the ellipsis icon on the report that should be deleted and select the Delete option. Click Delete from the Delete Report pop-up window.


Delete Report

A sample report is available here.