Payouts Dashboard

Cashfree Payouts simplifies disbursals for businesses by providing powerful APIs and an easy to use dashboard. Make instant payouts to your vendors, suppliers, employees and others involved in your business with Cashfree Payouts. You can make a payout using the Payout Dashboard or the APIs.
Multiple payout methods are supported - IMPS, NEFT, UPI, Wallets, Cards. Ensure you have a sufficient balance in your account to make a payout.

The Payouts Dashboard gives you a snapshot of your business. It gives you information about your Payouts account details, helps you add customers/vendors as beneficiaries to initiate instant payouts. It also helps you to initiate single payouts or multiple payouts to a large number of customers/vendors at once.


The Payouts Summary provides high-level insight into your payouts account. It gives you information about the balance available in your Cashfree Payments Payouts account, and the amount transferred to beneficiaries. It also provides you with some statistics about your daily and weekly transfers. Information about success, pending, failed, and reversed transfers is also available. Overall, the Payouts Summary dashboard provides useful at-a-glance insight about the payout disbursals in your business.


Payouts Summary


To initiate payouts/payments to your customers you must add them as beneficiaries to your Cashfree Payments Payouts account. Include their bank account details or UPIs to make instant and automated payments.

You can add your customer details individually, or add up to 10,000 beneficiaries at a time by uploading the beneficiary details in a file or using our API's to make instant payouts. Click here to know more about Beneficiaries.


With Payouts, you can do a single payout using Quick Transfer, or manage up to 10,000 transfers at once by uploading the beneficiary details in a single file. Track the transfer status in real-time and know the exact reason for failure. Click here to know more about Transfers.


Cashgram is a payout links generation solution that helps businesses pay vendors, partners, customers or others instantly when only their mobile number or email address is known. Click here to know more about Cashgram.


Accounts section gives you information about the balance available in your Payouts account, the last recharge amount, threshold limit set for your account, the recharge account details to which you can transfer funds, and more.

Statement section gives you information about all the transfers, account credits, reversals, withdrawals, bank details verification made using your Payouts account. It also gives you information about the transfer made between your payout accounts.

Your account details registered with Cashfree Payments is displayed in the Account Information section. The bank account details from which you add funds to your Cashfree account is also displayed here. If you want to update any of the information shown in this section, please write to [email protected] Click here to know more about your account.


Generate custom reports and gain insights about transfers, reversed transfers, statements, and Cashgrams created. Click here to know more about Payouts reports.

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