Vendor Recon Report

Learn in detail about how to view the vendor recon report.

The vendor reconciliation report lists all the transactions, adjustments, settlements and refunds that are associated with vendors. This will help you reconcile all transactions from your vendors with their respective settlement ID, time, and UTR.

To view the vendor settlement recon report,

  1. Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard > Reports.
  2. In the Report Type field, select Vendor Recon and click Generate Report.
  3. Select the vendor recon report type, date range, file format, and provide the file name. Click Generate Report.

Vendor Recon Report


If you have already generated the report, you will get a pop-up stating to download the report. You can download the report by clicking the ellipsis button.


Generated Reports

Sample report is available here.

Column NameDescriptionExample
entity_idUnique ID of that particular event type.1046658935
typeThe type of that event.transaction
merchantVendorIdThe vendor ID that is added by the merchantjohn213
debitThe amount that was debited.ArunTestES2
creditThe amount that was credited.2.0
amountThe total transaction amount.2.0
currencyThe currency used for that particular transaction.INR
feePG service charges.1.00
taxPG service taxes.0.18
settledIndication of whether the vendor amount is settled or not.true
txTimeThe time of that particular transaction.2022-06-28 14:50:58
settlementTimeThe time at which Cashfree received a credit confirmation from the vendor's bank.2022-06-28 14:50:58
addedOnTimeThe time at which Cashfree initiated the settlement for that particular vendor.2022-06-28 14:50:58
settlement_eligibility_timeThe date timestamp that denotes when the transaction will be eligible for settlement.2022-06-28 14:50:58
settlement_idUnique ID generated by cashfree for that particular settlement.1213178
merchant_order_idUnique ID passed to Cashfree by merchant when the order is created.tutnvgetyfye123
cf_order_idA unique ID generated for each order.2359676476
settlement_utrA unique transaction reference number. A number that is generated by your bank that will help in identifying credit in the merchant bank statement.218038200406
refund_arnAcquirer Reference Number - Unique ID generated by Cashfree's partner bank for a particular refund.322077986405
order_noteA small description for that transaction.payment_link_23840285
payment_modeThe payment mode used for the transaction.UPI
customer_nameThe name of the customer.john
customer_emailThe email ID of the customer.[email protected]
customer_phoneThe phone number of the customer.7760381080