Create Cashgram

You can create Cashgrams from your Payouts Dashboard or from the APIs. Ensure you have sufficient balance in your Payouts Account before you create a Cashgram. The amount will be deducted from your Payouts Account to send money to your customers.

To create a Cashgram,

  1. Go to Payouts Dashboard > Cashgram > Cashgrams > click NEW CASHGRAM.
  2. Enter the Cashgram Id, Customer Name, Amount to be transferred, Customer Phone, and Customer Email. The Cashgram Id helps you to track the Cashgram status.
  3. Select an Expiry date. The Cashgram link will not be valid beyond this date.
  4. Enter the Remarks.
  5. Select the checkbox Send Cashgram Link via WhatsApp, Email, and SMS to user to notify the customer.
  6. Click CREATE. The Cashgram link is created and sent to the customer. The customer can click the link and provide the required details to receive the payment.


You can also use our API to create Cashgrams.