IP Whitelist and Public Key FAQ

Why do I have to whitelist the IP address or generate a public key?

Whitelisting the IP address or generating a public key provides a layer of authentication. These cybersecurity techniques prevent anonymous or unknown disbursement requests and allow only verified requests.

What is an IP address?

A string of characters that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network. Computers use IP addresses to communicate with each other over the internet.

What does it mean to whitelist an IP?

Whitelisted IPs are an index of approved entities. A whitelist approves a list of email addresses, IP addresses for communication.

What happens after I whitelist my IP address?

The Cashfree Payments production server allows your API requests.

How many IP addresses can I whitelist?

You can whitelist a maximum of 25 IP addresses.

Does Cashfree Payments support IPv6?

No, we only support API requests from IPv4 at the moment.

When do I use a public key?

If your IP address is not static, generate a public key in the Cashfree Payments portal.

How to generate a public key from the Cashfree Payments portal?

  1. In the Cashfree Payments dashboard, select Developers from the navigation panel on the left.
  2. Click Two-Factor Authentication from the Payouts card.
  3. Select Public Key from the Select 2FA Method dropdown menu.
  4. Click Generate Public Key.
  5. The public key is downloaded to your computer. Use your registered email ID to access the key.

How many public keys can I generate at a time?

One. You can generate only 1 public key at a time.

How to use the public key to send API requests?

You need to generate a signature and proceed with the API requests.

Below are the steps to generate the signature:

  1. Retrieve your client ID.
  2. Append this with CURRENT UNIX timestamp separated by a period (.).
  3. Encrypt this data with the generated public key using RSA encryption - this is the signature.
  4. Pass this signature in the header X-CF-Signature.