Identity Verification

Verifications are now available on Payment Forms

With Cashfree Payment Forms, you can verify Customer identities like Aadhaar, Pan, and GST Information during payment collection.

What kind of verifications are available on Payment Forms?

On Cashfree Payment Forms, you can verify Aadhaar, PAN, and GST.

Popular Use-cases for Verification

Pan Card Verification
Let's say you are collecting Donations on the Payment Form. You want to ensure that Customers enter the right PAN to avail of 80G benefits and your year-end filing is a breeze.

Aadhaar Verification
Imagine checking into a hotel without having to provide any identification.
Customer is making a hotel reservation on your website, and you need to confirm their Aadhaar before processing their payment. Before the customer checks in, you receive verified Aadhaar information about them.

GST Verification
While collecting B2B payments, you can validate the GST information provided by customers.

Are the verifications chargeable?

Yes, verifications on Payment forms are chargeable. Please ensure that you have sufficient balance in your Verification Suite wallet. You can also find the Verification pricing on Verification Dashboard. For customized pricing on Payment Forms Verification, Please reach out to [email protected]

Why are verifications chargeable?

In verifications, we incur a downstream charge from our Vendors and we have to pass this to you to ensure a smooth and great service. We hope you understand this. While Payment Forms as a service is not chargeable, Standard MDR applies for all transactions on Cashfree Payment Gateway.

What happens if there is no Verification Suite Balance?

If your Verification Suite Balance is 0, you can continue accepting Payments on Payments Forms. Verification will not be enforced on the Payment Form.

How to enable verification on Payment Forms

While creating a Payment Form, you can choose input fields like PAN, Aadhaar, or GST depending on your use case.

Enable Verify Tick Box and complete form creation.

Once enabled, you can collect verified Pan Cards and all the verified information is available on the Verification Suite dashboard. In case the Verification Suite Balance is Zero, forms will continue accepting Payments without the verification.

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