Change Log

This page records the changes made in subsequent versions of the SDK.

v.2.0.0 - 2nd Oct 2022

Added a new UPI Intent payment flow with bottom sheet implementation.
Replaced order token with Session ID.
Added Web checkout payment mode for merchants who want to use features (like offers, saved cards) in native SDK.
Fixed NullPointerException in CFCoreModalActivity

v1.1.3 - Nov 15, 2022


Last version available to merchants who haven't migrated to session ID based implementation. We'll only do bug fixes if any on this version.

Fixed NullPointerException in CFCoreModalActivity

v.1.1.0 - 14th Oct, 2022

  • Shifted payment verification logic for UPI from Drop payment to Element payment.
  • Added Card EMI support in Drop payment.
  • Added Play Integrity Check in Element Payment.
  • Quick checkout separate data for Environment in Drop payment.
  • Added payment verification to UPI intent success scenario in Element payment.
  • Fixed payment page getting stuck in loading if merchant logo is missing or corrupted in Drop payment.
  • Fixed payment mode showing even if no payment options are present (Net Banking, Wallet, Pay Later) in Drop payment.
  • Updated images for payment modes in Drop payment.
  • Added support for initiating Drop payment using JSON string.
  • Added support to save card as per RBI guidelines in Element Payment.
  • Performance and QoS improvements.

v.1.0.11 - 18th July, 2022

  • Fixed payment page stuck on loading when no payment mode is enabled in Drop payment.
  • Fixed IllegalStateException on UPI Collect Verification in Drop payment.
  • Fixed NetworkOnMainThreadException in Drop and Element Payment.
  • Fixed NullPointerException in CircleImageView in Drop payment.
  • Fixed visibility of UPI Collect flow when it is not enabled in Drop payment.
  • Improved platform versioning in Drop and Element payment.
  • Updated images for banks, wallets in Drop payment.
  • Added UPI QR code support for tablets in Drop payment.
  • Added Quick Checkout in Drop payment.
  • Performance and QoS improvements.

v.1.0.10 - 21st June, 2022

  • Fixed payment page is stuck on loading when CASH payment mode is enabled.
  • Added handling to only show payment modes sent in the create order request.
  • Added check for orderID mismatch in Drop payment.
  • Fixed NullPointerException in Drop payment.
  • Added platform handling in Element payment.
  • Performance and QoS improvements.

v.1.0.9 - 7th June, 2022

  • Fixed theming for exit dialog on 2 FA screen.
  • Fixed callback not triggered on Activity Restart.
  • Fixed NullPointerException crash on Drop Checkout.
  • Fixed UPI Activity Crash for Android 8.0.0.
  • Fixed UI interact-able while the loader is showing.
  • Fixed crash on passing invalid colour code to the SDK.
  • Performance and QoS improvements.

v.1.0.8 - 25th May, 2022

  • Fixed callbacks getting triggered twice in UI SDK.
  • Fixed No callback from the Element Checkout when the user cancels the transaction.
  • Fixed possible ANR on application crash.
  • Fixed Drop Checkout crashes on API level 19.
  • Performance and QoS improvements.

v.1.0.7 - 10th May, 2022

Fixed issue when a very long orderID is given to the SDK.

v.1.0.6 - 6th May, 2022

SDK Callbacks will be triggered on the main thread.

v.1.0.5 - 3rd May, 2022

Fixed SQLException recorded in the logcat.