Instant Refunds

Now process refunds instantly to your customers. Learn how to configure Instant Refunds from the dashboard.

Cashfree Payments allows you to process refunds instantly to your customers. Instant refunds cut down the waiting time for your customers by processing refunds instantly rather than having them wait for 5-7 days. Instant refunds provide a hassle-free customer experience.

Cashfree Payments charges a small instant refund fee to process instant refunds. Instant refunds are currently available on select credit and debit cards.


Transaction Home Page

Initiate Instant Refund from Dashboard

  1. Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard> Transactions> Payments.
  2. Search for the transaction you want to initiate an instant refund, and clickInitiate Refund.
  3. Enter the Refund Amount, and add a remark if required. You can do a partial or full refund. Click the info icon to view more details on the refund charges.
  4. Click Initiate Refund to initiate the refund to your customer instantly. Note that the refund amount cannot exceed the maximum amount allowed.

Initiate Instant Refund

Once you have initiated the refund, you will get a success message on your screen.


Refund Initiated Successfully

You can also initiate an instant refund via API. Click here to read more on how to initiate an instant refund via API.

View Refund Information

To view more information about your refunds,
Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard> Transactions> Refunds

The transaction page lists all the refunds that are initiated for the date range selected. You can use the search and filter options to search for any particular refund or filter for refunds based on the statuses.

Click on a particular transaction where a refund has been initiated to view more details about the refund. The detailed screen appears as shown below:


Refund Information

In the refund details screen, you can see:

  • Customer details like name, phone number, email ID, customer reference ID, and IP address from where the payment was made.
  • Timeline - The timeline lists the flow of activities happening for that particular payment. Refund details such as: refund status, refund speed, and refund remarks are available.