Easy Split automates splitting of payments with vendors and partners on time. Collect payments, set up a flexible settlement cycle and simplify customer refund management with Cashfree.

Use Easy Split to seamlessly split payments to all associated vendors (payable entities), manage settlements and reconcile with ease. With this feature, you can disburse payments to multiple vendors involved in a transaction in one go.

With the new improved experience, you can easily initiate refunds from the product dashboard as well. Detailed reports specifically for vendor settlements is available for your analysis.

To split payments you can integrate with our Payment Gateway using web checkout or our mobile SDKs. We support both the dashboard and API based operations to meet your requirements related to vendor or split.

Contact your account manager to enable the Easy Split feature for your account.


Easy Split WorkflowEasy Split Workflow

Easy Split Workflow

Use Cases

Marketplace Aggregators
Online businesses that sell multiple products from different vendors/sellers can now use Easy Split to manage the splitting of incoming customer payments with ease. The businesses can also manage settlement cycles, commission deductions, and real-time reports for these vendor payments from within the dashboard.

EdTech Platforms
Online EdTech platforms that offer courses with different professors/instructors can use Easy Split to collect payments from students and split it with the instructors after deducting a commission.

On-Demand Services
Services like cab booking, flight booking, food delivery etc. can now take bookings and automate the splitting of incoming customer payments to the respective service providers with the help of Easy Split.

Multi-Branch Outlets
Businesses that centrally manage payment collections for all their branches, like an online beauty product store or a pizza delivery store, can now make use of Easy Split to collect payment via website from all customers and route the incoming payments to their individual stores.


Vendor Management Simplified - With simple integration, onboard vendors, complete KYC, automate vendor settlements.

Customized Settlement Cycle for Vendors Payments - Easy Split allows you to define a custom settlement cycle for your vendor payments. You can even settle payments to your vendors instantly after payment capture via Instant Settlements.

Flexible Refund Management - Easy Split will address the refund receivables issue from your vendors. Specify the amount to be split between you and the vendor, and Easy Split will automatically process the refunds without any hassle.

Automatic Reconciliation - Reconcile all payments, refunds and settlements using powerful APIs. Get notified on transaction statuses like success, pending, etc., in real-time, using webhooks.

Comprehensive Reporting - Get detailed reports on transactions, settlements, refunds, vendor payments and adjustments. With centralized reporting, stay on top of your business finances always.

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