Embedded Payments - An Overview

In this article, you will get an overview of the Embedded Payments product.

What is Cashfree Embedded Payments?

Embedded Payments by Cashfree is an end-to-end payments product for your platform to facilitate direct payments between your businesses and their customers. You can use Embedded Payments to provide your businesses a seamless onboarding experience and fully compliant payments module within your platform.

Who can use Cashfree Embedded Payments?

Business models like ERPs, SaaS and Platforms who provide payments services between their businesses and their customers within their software can use Cashfree Embedded Payments to provide native and compliant payments experience.

ERPs / SaaS: Provide compliant payments as an offering to businesses using Enterprise Resource Planning or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. Examples include Education, Restaurant, Travel, Hospitality, Accounting ERPs; Billing, Checkout, Lending, POS SaaS etc

Platforms: Offer end-to-end payments experiences, from onboarding to payments, as a core feature within the software Platform. Examples include Ecommerce (Storefront, Conversational, RTO), CRM, Financial Services platforms.

Advantages of Embedded Payments?

  • Embedded Payments offers payment solutions to your businesses on your platform such as - Payment Gateway, Easy Split, Payment Links, and Subscriptions.
  • Onboard Businesses - Use our pre-built or custom flows to onboard your businesses onto Cashfree.
  • Manage Payments - Offer the best payments experience to your businesses and their customers using Cashfree Payments product suite.
  • Ensure Compliance - You need not worry about complex compliance requirements across the onboarding, KYC, payments and post-payment journeys.
  • API-first Product - Use our robust APIs to scale your platform to support more businesses without operational overhead.
  • Powerful Dashboard - A separate dashboard to add and manage all your businesses. Get detailed reports about transactions, the value of transactions made, the commission amount, and more.
  • Unlock New Revenue - Earn commissions for every transaction across your onboarded businesses.