With Cashfree Payments, ensure the movement of money in for your business on a scheduled basis. We process settlements that ensures your businesses have access to the revenue generated from sales, which is essential for covering operating expenses, investments, and other financial obligations.


Settlements refer to the process of transferring funds to your(merchant) bank account after aggregating the transaction amount, (INCLUDE ADJUSTMENTS) and deducting our applicable fees or charges.

Settlements are a crucial aspect of a business, as they ensure that you receive timely and accurate payments for your goods or services. By streamlining the transfer of funds and providing detailed transaction information, we help you manage your finances efficiently and effectively.


We offer the following settlement types at Cashfree Payments. Familiarise yourself with the options and choose the one that best suit your business needs after considering your industry, cashflow requirements, and operational impact.

  • Standard Settlement
  • Instant Settlement
  • On-Demand Settlement

Standard Settlement

Cashfree Payments provides you with the traditional process of settling transaction amount according to a predefined schedule. (T+2) Our structure offers a reliable and structured approach to transaction processing.

Instant Settlements

Delayed settlements pose several challenges and disadvantage to your business. It interrupts the normal operations of your business on a daily basis. This disruption can lead to issues such as cash flow shortages, operational inefficiencies, and challenges in meeting financial obligations. (CHANGE THE CONTEXT FROM THIS TO TALKING ABOUT GETTING CASH IMMEDIATELY) - early access to the funds should be the pitch.

Cashfree Payments has a solution for your business to not face any more delay when it comes to settlements. With Instant Settlements, get early access to your funds.

On-Demand Settlements

Apart from the predetermined settlement cycle, you have the ability to receive funds from your transactions on-demand. It means that we transfer you the settlement amount in real-time at your request. Opting for this feature enables you with greater control over your finances, reduces risk, and drives operational efficiency, ultimately contributing to business growth and success.



Instantevery 15 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, and T+0 at 0900 hours and 1700 hours (ONLY bank working days).
On-DemandContact your account manager, or write to [email protected] for more details.

Instant Settlements


Reports same as standard


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