Make Payouts to Customers

Payouts to your vendors, suppliers, employees and others involved in your business can be done instantly with Cashfree Payouts. You need to have a sufficient balance in your account to make a payout.

You can make a payout using the Payout Dashboard or using the APIs. You can also make bulk transfers when you have to make payouts to a large number of customers.

Quick Transfer

Let us see how to make a payout to customers using the Payout Dashboard. Ensure you have sufficient funds in your Payout Recharge Account.

  1. Add your customer as a beneficiary to whom you want to make a payment.
  2. Go to Payouts Dashboard > Transfers > click QUICK TRANSFER in the Payout Transfers screen.
  3. Enter the beneficiary Id, and the amount that you want to transfer, and click NEXT.
  4. Select the transfer mode. Bank, UPI, and wallet transfers are available. Click SUBMIT.
  5. Review the transfer details, and click TRANSFER. The specified amount gets credited to the customer account.
Payouts WorkflowPayouts Workflow

Payouts Workflow

Bulk Transfers

When you have a large number of transfers to make to your customers, you can use the Bulk Transfer feature. You may want an approval from the approver in your company before making the transfer to the customers. An approver can verify and approve the transfer, and then send it to the customers.To do a bulk transfer you need to upload a .csv file that contains the beneficiary details.

You can view the status of the uploaded files and also download to view the details.

Bulk TransfersBulk Transfers

Bulk Transfers

To upload a file for bulk transfer,

  1. Go to Payouts Dashboard > Transfers > Bulk Transfers > click UPLOAD FILE.
  2. Select the format in which you have provided the beneficiary details.
  3. Click CHOOSE FILE to select the file, and click UPLOAD.

If you are yet to add the details to the file, download the sample format, and then fill in the details.

Approval for Bulk Transfers

The approve bulk transfer feature allows you to approve or reject any bulk transfer file for payouts.

To approve the bulk transfers, go to Payout Dashboard > Transfers > Approve Bulk Transfers. You can accept or reject the transfers here.

The option to create multiple users and assign permissions can be done in the Account section.

You can transfer money using the APIs. Click here to know more. Webhooks help you get notifications about your transfer automatically.

Cashfree enables Approve Bulk Transfer feature on request by the merchant. Contact your Account Manager to use this feature.

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