Risk Shield

In this article, you will learn about our real-time risk management feature called Risk Shield. Risk Shield is a real-time risk management feature that protects our merchants by automatically assessing and blocking transfers if necessary.

We offer a safer environment by scanning for suspicious transfers in your Payouts account to minimise losses, prevent fraudulent activities, and maximise efficiency. Risk Shield is a feature that allows you to view and manage suspicious transfers that are either blocked or needs your approval from the dashboard.

Why Risk Shield

To understand Risk Shield better, you need to know to risks of transfers that might happen in your Payouts account:

  • Dangerous entities

Cashfree Payments prevents any transfer made to a dangerous entity with the help of a blacklist database.

  • Money laundering

We protect you from inadvertently participating in money laundering schemes by preventing unusual transfers to other aggregators.

  • Account takeover

There are instances when suspicious personnel gain control of an account and use the API credentials to make a payout. Cashfree Payments implements preventive measures to safeguard your Payouts account by preventing unauthorised access.

  • Smart limits

You can manage the volume of payouts with the help of smart limits. If the payout volume increases because of system bugs or other discrepancies, we address the surges promptly and manage effectively.

  • Custom blacklist

If you identify a suspicious or fraudulent account, you can add the account to your custom blacklist. We will ensure that the account does not receive any funds from you.

  • Machine learning-based anomaly detection

Cashfree Payments employs anomaly-based monitoring to detect unusual transfer patterns, such as a high volume of transfers or transfers to unfamiliar countries. They also monitor for sudden spikes in transfers during unusual times or non-business hours.