Migration to Version 2022-09-01

We have released our latest version 2022-09-01 to make our integration more secure for merchants and customers to use. In the this latest version, we have revamped the integration method for using our pre-built checkout and made some changes in our SDKs.

Following are the key changes made in the latest version. Please check respective pages for detailed changes.

  1. Create Order API Change
    Deprecated use of order_token and payment_link from our APIs and instead introduced payment_session_id in response of Create Order APIs. Hence, you can not redirect the customer to the checkout page just by using the API. You'll need to use our JS SDK for starting checkout.
  2. New Javascript SDK
    Released new improvised JS SDK which will take in payment_session_id to redirect to checkout or render drop checkout. This is a single SDK which can be used to either redirect the customer to checkout or render Drop (pre-built UI elements).
  3. New Order Pay API
    New endpoint for order pay API is released. This will take payment_session_id as body parameter instead of order_token
  4. New SDKs
    Going forward, all SDKs will use payment_session_id instead of order_token to complete the payment.


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