Frequently Asked Questions

Integration Related FAQs

  1. What integration is required for flowWise?
    If you are an existing Cashfree merchant live on Cashfree:
    Integrating with flowWise separately is not required. You are already integrated with our APIs and we will enable flowWise from backend for you.
    If you are a merchant not live on Cashfree:
    You can integrate with standard Cashfree APIs, SDKs or plugins depending on your use case. You can find the integration explorer here: Explore Your Integration

  1. What types of Checkouts can merchants use on flowWise?
    flowWise is compatible with all the checkouts supported on Cashfree.
    You can integrate with:
    1. Standard Checkout (Web Checkout)
    2. Custom Checkout (Web Elements)
    3. One-click Checkout (Ecom360)
    4. SDKs (native and hybrid checkouts)
    5. S2S integration, where you can design your own checkout, end to end

  1. What are the payment aggregators/gateways flowWise Supports?
    To view the complete list of PAs/PGs on flowWise, click here.

  1. Does a merchant need to integrate with different aggregators/gateways to use flowWise?
    Merchant needs to ONLY onboard itself on different payment aggregators. This generally entails document submission with regards to your business / website / APP platform. On successful activation, payment aggregators will provide keys/credentials which need to be added on flowWise dashboard.
    There is no need for any integration with other PA/PGs.

  1. What is the process of adding an aggregator/gateway on flowWise?
    Click here and navigate to your gateway to view the steps.

  1. What are the payment methods supported on flowWise?
    We support a variety of payment methods, vis-a-vis:
    • Cards (Credit, Debit, Prepaid)
    • UPI (Collect, Intent, QR)
    • Netbanking (all major and small banks)
    • Wallets (all major wallet providers)
    • EMI
    • BNPL
      The list provided for each gateway is comprehensive and provides you with a complete payment solution.

  1. Can businesses use flowWise without using Cashfree as a Payment Gateway?
    flowWise is a modular solution which treats all the gateways as equal. Cashfree is one of the many gateways integrated with us, so it’s okay to not use Cashfree as a payment gateway

PCI and Security Related Queries

  1. Do merchants need to be PCI compliant to use flowWise?
    No, you don’t necessarily need PCI compliance to use flowWise. flowWise is hosted inside Cashfree’s PCI compliant environment, which keeps all transactions secure according to the guidelines laid out.
    You only need PCI certificate in case you want to integrate with seamless APIs of Cashfree, since you will be handling transaction data yourself, and are not using standard or custom checkout provided by Cashfree.

  1. How do I provide PCI certificate to payment aggregators, as it is required by aggregators/gateways to enable S2S/seamless mode?
    You don’t need to be PCI compliant. Since you are using flowWise by Cashfree, which sits in a PCI compliant environment, we will be acting as Technology Service Provider (TSP) to you. Hence, we will be providing our PCI certificate on your behalf whenever asked by any aggregator.

  1. How does flowWise handle security risks, when it has access to my secrets and keys?
    We don’t accept keys and secrets in any written form, be it mails, whatsapp or personal chats.
    You add all your keys and ids securely via the flowWise dashboard, and these keys/ids and secrets are encrypted and securely stored on Cashfree servers, with no access to outside parties.

Routing Related Queries

  1. What is a configuration?
    A configuration is a set of rules that you can create for your use case

  1. How many configurations can I create?
    You can create an unlimited number of configurations on the dashboard. However, at one point of time, ONLY ONE configuration can be ACTIVE and will be honored by flowWise system.

  1. How do I activate/decativate a configuraiton?
    1. Login to Cashfree’s merchant dashboard (Sign up with Cashfree )
    2. Go to Payment Gateway → flowWise → Configurations
    3. On the screen, enable/disable the toggle with respect to a configuration to activate/deactivate it.
    4. If you enable an inactive configuration, this will result in deactivation of the current active configuration.

  1. What is a rule? How many rules can be there in a configuration?
    Rules are a set of instructions in an IF-THEN format.
    For Eg. IF ‘Payment Method’ IS ‘UPI’ THEN Select Gateways ‘Cashfree, PayTm’
    There can be an unlimited number of rules within a configuration.

  1. Can I add multiple conditions within a single rule?
    Yes, you can add as many conditionals within a rule as you want, given they all dont add to an empty dataset.
    Conditionals are AND/OR, which are present on the dashboard UI.
    Eg. If you want to route Netbanking transactions from HDFC to PayU, you can add a conditional within the rule
    IF ‘Payment Method’ IS ‘Netbanking’
    AND ‘Bank’ IS ‘HDFC’
    THEN Select Gateways ‘PayU'

  1. What are the different types of Routing?
    To know more about dynamic routing, click here.

  1. What are simple and advanced routing logics?
    Click here to know more.

Refund Related FAQs

  1. Can I initiate refunds on other gateways using flowWise?
    Yes, you can.
    flowWise provides merchants with a unified payments and refunds dashboard, from which they can track all payments across gateways initiate full or partial refunds for any transaction across all the gateways track the statuses of all the initiated refunds from the dashboard view all refunds and auto-refunds from one dashboard on flowWise

  1. If I initiate a refund on PAs dashboard, will I be able to track it on flowWise?
    Yes, you will be able to track it from flowWise’s dashboard. Just configure refund webhooks to the endpoint provided by flowWise team, and you are good to go.

  1. What are the refund types available on flowWise?
    For now, we have standard refunds available on flowWise. But, we are constantly working to bring instant refunds across payment modes to you so that you can delight your customers with quick turnaround.
    However, if you use Cashfree as a payment gateway, you can provide instant refunds to the customers.

Feature Related Queries

  1. What are the additional features I get when I use flowWise?
    With flowWise you get additional features which enhance your payment unification journey:
    1. Unified Payments and Refunds View
    2. Unified Analytics View
    3. Unified Settlement Reconciliation
    4. Unified Tokenisation Services
      These help you create a one-stop solution for all your gateways right from the flowWise dashboard.

  1. What are the advantages of Unified Analytics?
    With analytics, you get a 360 view of all your payments performance.
    1. Success Rate across PGs and payment methods with a deep-dive functionility
    2. Transaction distribution across PGs and payment methods with a deep-dive functionility
    3. Volume (GMV) distribution across PGs and payment methods with a deep-dive functionility
    4. Customer Funnel and Analytics

  1. What are the advantages of Unified Reconciliation?
    With a unified settlements view, you can:
    1. View all your PG settlements in one place
    2. View detailed information on all the payments corresponding to a settlement id
    3. View credits, debits and charges for all you settlements across PGs