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Let us learn how to manage your Cashfree Payments account.


You can manage your account information and control overall activities in the Profile page. You can control basic account settings, configure two-factor authentication, monitor login history, and view your tax invoices.

My Information

My Information displays the following information under Personal Profile:

  • Name - The registered name of your Cashfree Payments account.
  • Email ID - The registered email address of your Cashfree Payments account.
  • Phone Number - The registered phone number of your Cashfree Payments account.
  • Customer Support Email - Your customer support email address.
  • Account Password - Click Set Password to change your account password
My Information

My Information

Update Information

You can edit your details such as email ID, phone number, and customer support email ID using the features available on the dashboard. The Edit icon next to each information allows you to update the information after successful OTP authentication.


Why Aadhaar Validation?

To confirm your identity and prevent fraudulent activities, we require an aadhaar validation to update your contact information.

Update Email ID

Follow the instructions below to update the email ID:

  1. Click the Edit icon.

  2. In the Edit Email popup, enter the aadhaar number in the respective field, and click Verify.


Correct Aadhaar Number

Ensure the aadhaar number used during the KYC process of your Cashfree Payments' account is used to initiate this change.

  1. In the Enter OTP popup, enter the OTP received on your aadhaar registered mobile number and click Confirm.
  2. Enter the new email address in the Enter New Email field, and click Verify Email.
  3. Another OTP is sent to the newly entered email address. Enter the OTP in the Verify Email popup and click Confirm.
  4. We will review the request and update the email ID for your account within 24-48 hours. You will be logged out of the session after email verification. Use your updated email address and the existing password to login.
Enter Aadhaar Number

Enter Aadhaar Number

Enter New Email

Enter New Email

Update Phone Number

Follow the instructions below to update phone number:

  1. Click the Edit icon.

  2. In the Edit Phone Number popup, enter the aadhaar number in the respective field, and click Verify.

  3. In the Enter OTP popup, enter the OTP received on your aadhaar registered mobile number and click Confirm.

  4. Enter the new phone number in the Enter New Phone Number field and click Verify Phone.

  5. Another OTP is sent to your updated phone number. Enter the received OTP in the Verify Phone Number popup and click Confirm.

  6. We will review the request and update the phone number for your account within 24-48 hours.


Validation Process

You only have to go through the aadhaar validation process once when you try to update both the email and phone number information.

Update Customer Support Email ID

Follow the instructions below to update customer support email ID:

  1. Click the Edit icon.
  2. An OTP is sent to your registered phone number or email address. Enter the received OTP in the Authenticate popup and click Confirm.
  3. The Customer Support Email ID field is now available to edit. Enter the new customer support email ID, and click Verify Changes.
  4. The customer support email ID is updated for your account.

2FA Authentication

2FA Authentication is a method to confirm secure login to your Cashfree Payments account and authenticate specific operations that occur in your account. It combines two different factors: sign-in password and OTP to confirm user identity. You receive an OTP to your registered phone number via SMS by default. You can configure it to receive the OTP on your email as well. Once the OTP is validated, the session is valid for 15 minutes.

If you do not want to use the OTP-based authentication, click Use this Method Instead to configure your account authentication via Google's Authenticator app.

You can have another level of security to the login sequence for your Cashfree Payments account. Switch the toggle Enable 2FA for Login to enable two-factor authentication for every login attempt to the merchant dashboard for you and your alias account. This added layer of security reduces fraud and keeps your account secure.

2FA Authentication

2FA Authentication

Login History

Login History displays information regarding successful logins by users added to your Cashfree Payments account.

The search and filter options allow you to categorise and view specific login history by users as mentioned below. You can also filter the cards based on a specific period.

  1. Use the follow filters to search for specific login history:
  • All Time - Use this drop-down menu to set the date range.
  • Search & Filter - Use this drop-down menu to set the search filter.
    • Search - Use this drop-down menu to determine the search value and enter the value in the field. For example, if you choose Email ID, enter the specific email ID in the field.
  1. Select Apply.

  2. The results display in the form of a grid.


Login History


The monthly invoices generated for your Cashfree Payments account is available in the Invoice section. You can download the invoices for your future reference.



Account Aliases/Users

You can add users and provide full or restricted access to your account. You can assign specific permissions as per their work profile.

  • Add a new alias/user
  • Change the status of an alias
  • Reset password for an alias
  • Delete an alias
  • Edit product-level permissions for an alias

New Alias and Assign Permissions

To add a new alias,

  1. Log in to your Cashfree Payments account > click Settings in the left navigation.
  2. In the Settings screen, select Access Management in the General settings section.

Access Management

  1. From the Access Management page, click Add Alias.
  2. Fill in the following information to add an alias:
  • Registered Email Address - Enter the registered email address of the user.
  • Phone Number - Enter the phone number of the user.
  • Full Name - Enter the full name of the user.
  • Username - Enter the username for the user.

Create Alias

  1. Click Create to save the details. A success message appears after you add the user details. The user receives the steps to access the account on the registered email ID.

Alias created successfully

  1. Click Assign permissions and configure product and feature access for the user.

Assign Permissions

  1. Switch the toggle to enable a product and the features associated for the user to access. You can add or modify the permissions at any time.

Select Products and Permissions

Update Alias Status and Permissions

From the Access Management page, you can change the status of the alias to Active or Inactive. To change the status of an alias, click the toggle button for the specific alias.


Alias Status

To update the permissions for an alias, click the ellipsis option for the alias and click Update Permissions.


Update Permissions

You can edit the alias details, change the password, and delete the alias details, too.

Permissions Allowed

Below is the detailed list of permissions for Payouts. You can view similar details for all products in the Assign Permissions page. Login using your credentials and navigate to Settings > Access Management.

Access Beneficiaries- Create/Edit/Delete Beneficiary
- Show Beneficiaries
- View Bulk Beneficiary
- Create/Edit/Delete Beneficiary Group
- View Beneficiaries Group
- Bank Account Validation
- Download Bulk Beneficiary Report
- Initiate Bulk Beneficiary
Access Transfers- Show Transfers
- Initiate Quick Transfer
- Initiate Bulk Transfer
- Approve Quick Transfer
- Approve Bulk Transfer
- Download Transfer Report
- Reversed Transfers
- Internal Transfer
Access Statements- Show Statement
- Download Statement
- Show Balance
- Withdraw Balance
- Download Invoice
Access Cashgram- View Cashgram
- Create Cashgram
- Deactivate Cashgram
- Initiate Cashgram
- Approve Bulk Cashgram
- View Cashgram
- Download Cashgram Report
Access Control- View Whitelisted IPs
- Add New IP
- View App/Secret
- Create New App/Secret
- Update Webhook
- View Preferences
- Update Preferences
Access Verification Suite- PAN Verification
- Download Verification Reports

Account Security

To help you keep your account secure, below are a few recommendations from Cashfree Payments:

Keep your Cashfree Payments password secure
Your password should be unique to Cashfree Payments account and known only to you. We recommend you to not reuse this password for multiple services or websites. You can update your password in Profile > My Information.

Use Aliases/Users to provide access to your Cashfree Payments account for other users
You can provide others with access to your account with the desired permissions. You get complete visibility of their actions. We recommend you to not share your password with anyone.

Maintain confidentiality of your API Keys
It is unique to your account. Anyone who gets to know your API credentials can make an API request for your account. If you think your API Keys may be compromised, you can always generate new API Keys in Access Control.

Update Two-Factor authentication
By default, as a mandatory security feature, SMS OTP is used for two-factor authentication while performing key actions on your merchant dashboard. You can enable an alternative mechanism in Two-Factor Authentication.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication on new devices/browsers
We recommend you to enable two-factor authentication on logins from a new device or browser for every user of your account. You can enable this feature in Security Preferences.

Beware of phishing
If you receive an email or SMS from us that you don't expect, do not enter your password after clicking the link. Generally, phishing messages might ask you to visit a link, download a file, complete a form, or open an attachment.

Always check if the link has a domain and is HTTPS. To protect your system against automated attacks and malware, we recommend enabling automatic updates for your operating system and browser.

What to do if you suspect fraud
Cashfree Payments takes customer reports of fraudulent activity very seriously. If you think your account is compromised, or that a fraudster is actively using your account, then you should:

  • Contact Us
    If you suspect an attack, contact Cashfree Payments customer support immediately or contact the Cashfree Payments team at [email protected]

  • Change your password
    You can block unauthorised user access by changing the password. If aliases/users have access to the account, their passwords should be changed. We recommend using a strong password with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters. You can change your password in Account Settings. If you have forgotten your password, click here to reset it.

  • Delete and generate new API Keys
    Changing your password can prevent the fraudster from logging into the account, but they can still use the API if they have your API Keys. To prevent a fraudster from making an API request, you should remove all existing API Keys and generate new sets of API Keys. Anyone with the old API Keys will no longer be able to make API requests. Manage your API Keys in Access Control.

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