Payments and Refunds Management

You can view and manage transactions across all your Payment Gateways/Aggregators through your merchant dashboard.


To view Transaction details on Cashfree dashboard:

  1. Login to Cashfree Dashboard
  2. Select Payment Gateway and go to Transactions from the left menu and click Payments.
  1. Click on any transaction to view the transaction lifecycle


Transaction IDid of the transaction done
Order IDid of the order created for the payment
Emailemail id of the paying customer
Phone Numberphone number of the paying customer
PG/PAgateway through which the transaction was processed, eg, Cashfree, PayTm, PayU
Transaction Statusstatus of the transaction, ie, SUCCESS, FAILED, INCOMPLETE, USER DROPPED etc.
Payment Methodinstrument used for the transaction, ie, Cards, UPI, Netbanking etc.
Net Settled Amountamount that was settled for a particular payment


You can view, manage and initiate all refunds from Cashfree dashboard itself, irrespective of any PG/PA that the transaction has gone through.

  1. Under Transactions, you can go to Payments, and initiate a refund on any PG/PA (image below)
  1. You can track the refund status under 'Refunds', or go to the particular transaction and view refund lifecycle.