Cashfree Integrity

Learn in detail about Cashfree Integrity and it's advantages.

Cashfree Integrity serves as an essential safeguard, preventing unauthorized tampering, and distribution of merchant applications, ensuring the security of your digital ecosystem.

Merchant applications undergo a comprehensive evaluation process by their respective stores such as Google Play, App Store, Samsung Store and so on. Cashfree Integrity provides a robust defense mechanism, allowing only applications to be installed from regulated stores and ensures only these applications receive payments.

What is Cashfree Integrity?

Whenever an application is installed from any regulated store such as Play Store, or App Store, Cashfree Integrity checks if the application is installed from regulated stores and ensures their compliance and makes sure the application is not tampered by any middle man.

Cashfree Integrity works by extracting the package name of the installer and compares it with authorized sources and allows the transaction to flow through. Incase the installer package is not from verified stores, Cashfree Integrity blocks the transaction and your customer will not able to perform that transaction.


  • Cashfree Integrity shields all the complexities of checking the installer package ensuring transactions are passed only from valid applications installed from verified stores.
  • This implementation streamlines the payment flow by enabling us to block payments directly if the aforementioned checks fail.
  • We have the capability to extend our support to other app stores, such as the Samsung App Store, and Amazon App Store, among others. Reach out to [email protected] for any additional help.


Google Play Store, Apple App Store are the stores supported by Cashfree Integrity.

If any merchant distributes the APK file through any unauthorized channel, Cashfree Integrity will block any payment happening through that application. Incase you are testing in production mode, the payments will fail since the application is not installed from an authorized source. You can simulate production payments by doing a beta release of your application. Setup for PROD test

- Transactions happen only through verified package names. - Package names are whitelisted and ensure that applications are installed from verified stores. Click here to know more on whitelisting.