With CS-Cart you can create a brand new online shopping mall in the sphere you are passionate about and offer the best product selection to your customers. Integrate CS-Cart with Cashfree Payment Gateway and provide your customers with a seamless payment experience.

To get started you must first signup with Cashfree and submit the required documents.

Click here to download Cashfree's official CS-Cart plugin.

To integrate,

  1. Install the latest version of CS-Cart.
    The file contains integration code for interaction with the Cashfree API and allows payment in CS-Cart seamlessly.
  2. Execute 'install_cashfree.sql' against CS-Cart database. The file is available in the root directory of this file. Change prefix if you have added during installation of CS-Cart. You can either use phpmyadmin to import SQL file directly or run SQL queries in your MySQL shell.
  3. Upload the contents of the repo to your CS-Cart Installation directory (the content of the app folder must be uploaded to the app folder and the content of design should be uploaded to the design folder).


  1. Log into CS-Cart as administrator (http://your.cscart.store.com/admin.php).
  2. Go to Administration > Payment Methods.
  3. Click the + icon to add a new payment method.
  4. Enter Name as Cashfree.
  5. Select Cashfree from the list and template and select "cc_outside.tpl".
  6. Enter your Cashfree Payment Gateway App Id and Secret Key.
  7. Select Currency from the dropdown.
  8. Select Test or Production environment.
  9. Click Create to save the configuration.