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Learn about merchant account creation, activation, your account settings and security.

After you have successfully created an account with Cashfree Payments, the next step is to activate your account. To initiate account activation, you must first verify your email ID.

Email Verification

The verification email is sent to your email provided during sign up. Click the verification link in the email to verify your account.
After successful verification, sign in to the Merchant home page using your credentials.

Merchant Home Page

By default, you are in the test environment. Click SWITCH TO PRODUCTION to access the live environment.

Account Activation

You must activate your account to access the production environment and accept payments from customers. To activate the account, you must first fill in details about your business and upload the required documents. Follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to the Merchant home page and click ACTIVATE on the desired product.
  2. Fill in information about your business, bank details to process settlements and to manage payouts, and KYC information. These details will be sent for verification.

The status changes to "IN REVIEW" for verification.

After successful verification, you can access the production environment for your business transactions.

Information to be provided as part of the activation process is available below.

General Information

Business Address

If your business address and GST registered address are different, clear the checkbox in the above screen and enter the GST registration address.

Bank Details

KYC Details

The KYC information required differs based on the business type selected.

My Account

My Account section gives you control of overall activities around your account. You can control some of the basic account settings, two-factor authentication, security preferences, configure email notifications, manage users/aliases to provide access to the dashboard and monitor login history.

Account Settings

You to view your profile information and update your password in the Account Settings section.

Account SettingsAccount Settings

Account Settings

Two-Factor Authentication

Cashfree's Two-Factor Authentication is a method to confirm user claimed identities by using a combination of two different factors: Sign-in password and OTP. By default, Cashfree uses SMS OTP for authentication. You can enable an alternate mechanism from the settings tab.

Two-Factor AuthenticationTwo-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

Email Notification

The email notification feature allows you to receive updates on Cashfree product releases. You can add a maximum of 5 emails and easily enable/disable the notifications.

It is not mandatory to add a user as an alias to subscribe for email notifications.

Email NotificationEmail Notification

Email Notification

Account Aliases/Users

You can add users to access your account, and also control the permissions.

  • Add a new alias/user
  • Change the status of an alias
  • Reset password for an alias
  • Delete an alias
  • Edit product level permissions for an alias
User/Alias AccessUser/Alias Access

User/Alias Access

New alias
To add a new alias,

  1. Select your product > click User/Alias > click NEW ALIAS.
  2. Provide the Username, alias Name, Country, Phone, and Password.
  3. Select the status Active or Inactive for the new alias.
  4. Click CREATE ALIAS.
New AliasNew Alias

New Alias


You can change the status of the alias to Active or Inactive. To change the status of an alias, click the Status dropdown, and select the required status.

Alias StatusAlias Status

Alias Status

Reset Password

To reset the password for an alias user,

  1. Click the reset password icon in the Password field.
  2. Provide a new password or you can auto-generate the password.

Delete Alias

To remove an alias, click the delete icon, then select OK in the pop-up displayed.

Edit Permission

You can manage users and control individual access to your account. You can provide explicit permissions to access Cashfree services. With product and feature level categorization, you can assign the desired set of permissions for users.
To set product level permissions,

Edit PermissionEdit Permission

Edit Permission

  1. Select the product.
Select ProductSelect Product

Select Product

  1. Select a permission category.
Permission CategoryPermission Category

Permission Category

  1. Enable/disable permissions.
Enable/Disable permissions.Enable/Disable permissions.

Enable/Disable permissions.

By default, the permission expiry time will be set to Never. You can set an expiry date for each permission.

Set Expiry TimeSet Expiry Time

Set Expiry Time

Below is the detailed list of permissions for payouts:




  • Create/Edit/Delete Beneficiary
  • Show Beneficiaries
  • Create/Edit/Delete Beneficiary Group
  • View Beneficiaries Group
  • Bank Account Validation


  • Show Transfers
  • Initiate Quick Transfer
  • Initiate Bulk Transfer
  • Approve Quick Transfer
  • Approve Bulk Transfer
  • Download Transfer Report
  • Reversed Transfers
  • Internal Transfer


  • Show Statement
  • Download Statement
  • Show Balance
  • Withdraw Balance
  • Download Invoice


  • View Cashgram
  • Create Cashgram
  • Deactivate Cashgram
  • Initiate Cashgram
  • Approve Bulk Cashgram
  • View Cashgram
  • Download Cashgram Report

Access Control

  • View Whitelisted IPs
  • Add New IP
  • View App/Secret
  • Create New App/Secret
  • Update Webhook
  • View Preferences
  • Update Preferences

Security Preferences

By default, the security preference feature notifies you when:

  • There is a login from a new device or browser
  • A new user alias is created
  • An existing user alias is deleted

Additionally, we recommend you enable two-factor authentication on a login made from a new device or browser.

Security PreferenceSecurity Preference

Security Preference


The devices tab allows you to keep a check on devices used by you and other users of your account to access the Cashfree merchant account.

Login History

The login history tab shows information regarding successful logins by you and other users added to your Cashfree merchant account.

Login HistoryLogin History

Login History

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