Unified Settlement Reconciliation

What are the problems for merchants currently?

  1. Reconciliation is a tedious task, finance teams spend considerable times matching payment data across multiple payment gateways
  2. Each gateway has a different format of settlement file, thus merchants have to build processes around understanding each of these reports
  3. Refunds are triggered on different dates than the transactions, hence matching them becomes complex

Unified Settlement Reconciliation uses data analytics and engineering to solve the operation-heavy complex process. Our system is designed to seamlessly connect your account and understand your payments and settlement data to customise and output that is easy to understand and process.

With Settlement Reconciliation, you can view:

  1. Detailed settlement report for each of your payment gateway connected on flowWise.

  1. View detailed breakup for each settlement in terms of total credits and debits with detailed breakup on each of the metrics

  1. Status of reconciliation of each transaction under each refund with the settled amount against each transaction, along with taxes and fees charged for each transaction

  1. View all reconciled transactions (transactions going through flowWise) and all non-reconciled transactions in detail on flowWise dashboard itself

  1. Export all of the data from flowWise reports for offline analysis easily


Payment GatewayView all settlements for a particular gateway
Settlement IDFilter data by the id of the settlement done
Settlement UTRUTR no. for a particular settlement done to you