Pay Later

Learn in details about Pay Later.

With Pay Later, you can offer your customers the convenience that credit cards offer where they are assigned a pre-approved limit. They can make repayments in 15-30 days at 0% interest rate. Our range of Pay Later partners have a pre-approved customer base of over 25 million.

These are available to you on the Cashfree Payments redirection checkout page without any additional integration. If you are using a custom checkout page, you can add 8+ pay later options in under 30 lines of code. Refer here for the API documentation.

These partners bring in a seamless checkout experience and extend dedicated offers for customers to boost your overall conversion rate.

Your customers can also pay through the following Pay Later providers:

  • Simpl
  • Freecharge
  • LazyPay
  • ZestMoney
  • Ola Postpaid
  • HDFC Flexipay
PartnersInterestMin AmountMax AmountAvailabilityCredit Period
Simpl0%No Limit25000Requires Approval15+ Days
Freecharge0%No Limit10000Requires Approval15+ Days
Lazypay0%No Limit10000Requires Approval15+ Days
ZestMoney0%10015000Requires Approval15+ Days
Ola Postpaid0%No Limit-Default30+ Days
HDFC Flexipay0%100020000Requires Approval15+ Days

Watch the demo below to learn the Pay Later payment flow: