flowWise is a Payments Management System built for growing or large businesses to enable smarter, easier, and more efficient use of multiple payment gateways.

Digital-first businesses are vulnerable to downtimes when they are using a single payment aggregator. All their payments will start to fail and their entire business will come to a standstill if the single payment aggregator they are using is down.

On the other hand, it is expensive and time-consuming to integrate additional payment aggregators and then manage the payments flow across them. Tracking payments, settlements, monitoring success rates, and switching between different aggregators - all of this takes away investment and time from their core business.

Benefits of using flowWise

With flowWise, businesses like yours can:

  1. Seamlessly build a multi-PG stack - no coding required
    Add and configure multiple new payment gateways and aggregators in just a few clicks - no coding or developer effort needed.]
  2. Offer a better payments experience to customers
    Showcase a wider variety of payment methods while delivering a unified checkout and smooth customer experience.
  3. Leave payment failures behind
    Leverage AI to give your customers a failure-free experience through data-driven dynamic routing.
  4. Lower the cost of payment processing
    Route payments to different aggregators across 40+ parameters with easy rule-based routing to reduce and optimize payment processing costs.
  5. Manage payments effectively and efficiently
    Get data, analytics, and metrics across all your payment partners, initiate refunds, track settlements - all from one powerful dashboard.

Supported Partners and Methods

flowWise supports all major payment providers and methods.

Supported Payment Providers

  1. Paytm
  2. PayU
  3. Cashfree
  4. Razorpay
  5. Techprocess / Ingenico / Worldline
  6. PhonePe
  7. Plural (PineLabs)
  8. Easebuzz
  9. CCAvenue
  10. PineLabs
  11. Stripe
  12. Atom (WIP)
  13. PayG
  14. Billdesk (WIP)

Supported Bank Gateways

  1. HDFC (UPI)
  2. Lyra ICICI (Cards)

Supported Payment Modes

flowWise supports one of the widest variety of payment modes available. We support:

  1. Cards (Credit, Debit, Corporate, Pre-paid)
  2. UPI (Intent, Collect, QR, In-app, Rupay CC)
  3. Netbanking (70+ of India’s leading banks)
  4. Wallets
  5. EMI / BNPL providers (CC, DC, Cardless EMIs and Pay Later providers)


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