Affiliate Program - An Overview

What is Cashfree Payments Affiliate Program?

The Cashfree Payments Affiliate Program is a referral program through which you can offer the Cashfree Payments product suite to your clients or customers and get rewarded. You can simplify the payments experience for your customers and earn a commission for every transaction your customer makes.

Becoming an Affiliate enables you to offer your referred businesses a complete suite of payment solutions for all their payment needs.

Who can be a Cashfree Payments Affiliate?

Any individual, proprietary firm, partnership firm (including LLP) or a private limited company, that requires an online payment solution for their clients, can register with Cashfree as a partner.

Developers/Freelancers/Agencies - Advocate Cashfree Payments offerings to your customers and secure a regular source of income for each transaction your customer makes.

Coworking/Accelerators/Incubators - Provide a complete payment solutions suite as part of your kit and help startups with online payments.

Associations/Ecosystem Enablers
Enable and empower businesses who are associated with you through a full-stack payment processing system.

Benefits for Cashfree Payments Affiliates

  • Offer payment solutions to your customers for all the payment issues on a single platform - Payment Gateway, Easy Split, Payment Links, Subscriptions, Payouts, Verification Suite (Bank Accounts, IFSC, UPI VPA, PAN), and more.
  • Earn Rewards - You get commissions for every transaction your customers make.
  • Powerful Dashboard - A separate dashboard to add and manage all your customers. Get detailed reports about transactions, the value of transactions made, the commission amount, and more.
  • Multi-currency support - More than 100+ currency types are supported.