Change Log - Subscription

February 2023

Create Subscriptions with Plan info
You can now create subscriptions without having to create a plan in advance. Just enter the details of the plan when creating a subscription. Read more here.

January 2023

New Subscription Status
Introduced new subscription status - CUSTOMER_CANCELLED. This status appears when the subscription is cancelled by the customer and the subscription can no longer be debited/activated. Read more here.
New Seamless Subscription APIs
Introduced new seamless APIs. With Seamless APIs, you can design your own checkout experience for your customers. This is available for eNACH & UPI AutoPay. The old seamless endpoint is now deprecated and will be supported only for those who have already integrated with this. We suggest you integrate with the new endpoint as this is designed considering the scalability for accommodating any new payment methods in subscriptions. Read more here.